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The Sinking Ship Simulator

The Sinking Ship Simulator was a program funded by pac0master and coded by r0b0tsquid. The thread,[1] created by pac0master himself, was a thread demonstrating his latest creation, the 'Sinking Simulator'.

Creation of the Simulator

In a thread, pac0master asked someone to code a replica of a program he saw 5 years before, as he had no prior programming experience. R0b0tsquid, wanting a small bit of pocket money, accepted the offer for a small price of $110 and began working on the project.

The Incident

Over the course of the thread, pac0master creates an Indiegogo page.[2] He begins to promise features in the game and doesn't consult the developer beforehand, which resulted in him losing control of the project and the developer working on the project independently. He continues to post in the thread with updates to his program.

The sequence of events:

  • After the program's completion, pac0master creates an indiegogo page to budget the project.
    • It is important to note that r0b0tsquid was working exclusively on the program, and pac0master had no control of the development process.
  • After setting up the page, pac0master begins to promise features in the game without consulting with r0b0tsquid beforehand.
  • The application itself gets an article on Rock, Paper, Shotgun,[3] which results in pac0master getting 400$ budget on the indiegogo page.
  • r0b0tsquid shows his frustration with pac0master and his out-of-the-blue promises he makes.
  • A youtuber creates two videos about the game,[4][5] and the project's budget goes up to $4500.
  • Predictions occur on what the fate of the game is as r0b0tsquid continues to show his frustration towards pac0master, yet he continues to work on the game.
  • pac0master promises multiplayer support if the project reaches $5500 dollars on indiegogo.
    • In response, r0b0tsquid announces on the page that multiplayer support is not going to happen, and continues working on the project.
  • After apologizing, pac0master removes the features announced on the indiegogo page. The project is budgeted at $4462.
  • R0b0tsquid fires pac0master (the 'ideas guy' who originally budgeted the project) as he only licensed out the binary to pac0master.
    • R0b0tsquid retains the source to the project and pac0master continued to post in the thread, attempting to find a new developer all while getting showered in dumb ratings. The developer posts regularly in the thread to show updates and improvements.

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