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Joined September 2014
Banned February 2015

serverwatch is mostly known for his stupid posts, but mostly notable for his posts referring to either prop-killing or server owners.


serverwatch first created his account in September of 2014 with his first thread complaining about server owners and their commonly seen immaturity.[1] serverwatch has complained about many things, including Lenny's Scripts, DarkRP owners, anti-propkillers and many more. More recently, he has found the Facepunch Illuminati.[2]

  • serverwatch was first banned in January of 2015 (for 3 days) by NiandraLades with “Please make less incoherent/gimmicky posts, this is your one warning.” as the reason.[3]
  • One month later, serverwatch was permanently banned by the same moderator with “Cannot function here” as the reason.[4]
  • serverwatch was later unbanned on Garry's Birthday on 20th May, 2015, but was banned for 7 days a few months later around September of the same year. Around one month after that, he was banned for 7 days again, to be permanently banned again around March of 2016, for editing many of his posts in an attempt to crash any browsers viewing them.


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