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Former forum sections
Nsfw.gif The contents of this article are considered not safe for work.
Schindler's Fist
"Contains material that is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Over 18s only."
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Schindler's Fist was a Facepunch forum section intended for discussion that is of a NSFW nature, only for those above the age of 18, and hidden to guests.

The topic of NSFW content has been discussed quite extensively on the forum, whether it be on the content itself or of its place on the forum. The decisions discussed on the matter were rendered weakened as a result of the shitposty nature of threads on the New Sites Forum prior to the migration, and the introduction of avatar backgrounds only spurred on the discussion. The debate in the "New Forums, New Rules: Your Input is Needed!" and then-Forums Discussion threads became so massive that it necessitated a thread on the matter.[1]

It was eventually decided that a dedicated section would be created on the 30th of March, 2018, after inner-moderator discussion and approval by garry himself.[2][3][4]


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