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This article is about the forum category. For the video game, see Rust.
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Rust was originally a Facepunch forum section dedicated to the discussion of the video game of the same name. It had previously been a hidden forum for a short time but now could be seen in the Games forum category.

As a result of the 2014 forum section reshuffle, Rust became a forum category, with Rust General Discussion,[1] Experimental Version,[2] Modding & Developers,[3] Bug Reports & Exploits,[4] Help & Support,[5] and Rust Servers (which was hidden to those without accounts).[6]

After the reveal of Labpunch in early 2017, the entire Rust forum category was moved to it. Consequently, Rust on the regular forum returned to its previous position in the Games forum category, albeit now a link[7] to the forum category located at Labpunch and not a forum section like it had previously been.

Once the New Sites Forum was revealed in October 2017, the Rust forum category was once more moved to it, albeit this time more self-contained than before, as the Rust forum category (alongside the Garry's Mod forum category) can now be accessed on their own,[8] without the need of having to go to the regular Facepunch forum, though they can still be accessed that way as well. The link on the regular forums was also subsequently updated to reflect this change.


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