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The avatar of a banned user.
Large forums like Facepunch attract a lot of users. This also includes users that want to troll or in anyway disrupt discussions. garry at first didn't want a forum for Garry's Mod, after being convinced by the community to have one, it was decided that there would be strict moderation.[1] The first thing a new visitor will likely notice is the many users with a avatar saying BAN while the user itself has a red name. While it can be discouraging at first, people following the rules and use common sense while posting shouldn't have a problem getting banned.

Types of bans

There are a variety of bans that exist on the forum. Unlike other forums, which warn their users, here, the bans serve as warning.

Normal bans

A user can be banned for 1 hour to 1 month, how long a ban can last is decide by the moderator that banned the user.
Gran PC demonstrating the in-post moderation


Permaban is a common term for a permanent ban. It is the strictest punishment available for a user, short of making them Ban On Sight.


The ban list in 2007, showing several instabans.

Instaban was a system on pre-2009 Facepunch which instantly banned users who posted certain terms for a week. Terms which would invoke an instaban included profanity, racial slurs, and links to shock sites such as Lemon Party. This system was removed for various reasons. It could be bypassed in various ways, and led to many unintentional bans when a user would snigger or discuss golf.


The Autoban system is a depreciated lookout for unwanted accounts, and is no longer used.

Silent ban

A silent ban is a ban which is not recorded in the event log and done in the Mod Control Panel of vBulletin. These bans are usually permanent and are only done in special cases.


Ban-on-sight is a list of Facepunch users whose every account is to be banned. Notably, Garry ordered Hezzy banned on sight. However, this is no longer the case.

Mods can choose to ban any alt that they see, breaking rules or not.[2] It is assumed that the list means that mods should be extra vigilant about tracking down alts of the user.


Though only able to be placed by Garry, hellbans will not tell a user that they've been banned. The user can continue to view threads and post in them. However, no one can see the posts the user makes while they are hellbanned, effectively the same as a universal ignore list. Hellbanning hasn't been used on Facepunch since 2005, though Garry reportedly still has the ability to place one.


an example of a "YOU ARE BANNED" post pre-2009

In the past, before 2009, a big yellow banner with a red thick outline would appear to users before they posted saying "YOU'RE GOING TO GET BANNED". This deterred users from making bad posts and threads.

When users were banned, the normal vBulletin ban explanation screen was replaced by the same banner but this time saying instead "YOU ARE BANNED" with the following description:

You've been banned. You probably know why - but the reason that the moderate gave is below. If you feel this is unjust want to bitch about how we're nazis and get laughed at then feel free to make a post in the refugee camp. You wont't be able to see other people's threads and they won't be able to see yours. So don't think that wasting your time spamming will prove a point about how awesome you are. SPAMMING THE REFUGEE CAMP IS A WASTE OF TIME BECAUSE NO-ONE BUT THE MODERATORS CAN SEE YOUR POST - AND YOUR BAN WILL GET EXTENDED


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Starpluck demonstrating that garry can't be banned. Shortly after, he unbanned garry's account, which removed his administrator status.

Administrators can't be banned.


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