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Joined July 2010

RIPBILLYMAYS is a Gold Member primarily known for his "The Facepunch Experience" series of videos.

The Facepunch Experience

The Facepunch Experience series of videos are humorous takes on several aspects of Facepunch, including avatars, subforums, and users.

The first, The Lewd Avatar Experience, has RIPBILLYMAYS read Visitor Messages with a text-to-speech program after having changed his avatar to a lewd GIF of Lucario. The second, The Gold Member Experience, is a clip of Austin Powers in Goldmember with Gold Member usernames overlaid on top. The third, The News Node Experience, is a retelling of a regular day in In The News Node. The fourth, The Refugee Camp Experience, is yet another clip of Austin Powers in Goldmember modified to describe Leo5gg's RC thread. The fifth and currently latest, The Lewder Avatar Experience, is a sequel to The Lewd Avatar Experience, where reactions to a lewd avatar were once again retold through text-to-speech.

All five videos are available through the cited playlist.[1]


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