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Joined April 2005

postal is a moderator on Facepunch. He is one of the oldest active moderators on the forums alongside GunFox, being moderator since February of 2007. He is known for posting a picture of his ass on the forum and is also known for being one of the developers of Jaykin Bacon: Episode 3. He also hosts multiplayer matches of Half-Life Deathmatch and Counter-Strike 1.6, which you can join by visiting the thread in Games in Progress[1] or joining the relevant group.[2]

In October of 2017, he was granted admin powers by Hezzy who takes his place when working shifts.


...if someone doesn't change that upper case P on my name in the current mod list to a lower case p you're all permabanned
—postal, Wikipunch: The (Un)official Facepunch Forums Wiki[3]
—postal, The day postal made Reddit hate Facepunch more.[4]
I'm the moderator the rust forum fucking deserves.
—postal, postal and the rust forum ~chapter 1~[5]
Great summary of the [Billy Mitchell] dispute ... what a wild ride this has been.
—WesCopeland, ApolloLegend may be caught in legal dispute after recording Billy Mitchell & co.[6]


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