Photos that Shook the World

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Photos that Shook the World, also known as the Historical Photos Thread, was a thread series in General Discussion, the first of which was posted in December 2009 by <Drake. It focused on historical photographs which evoked strong emotional responses and have an impact on the viewer.

Iconic pictures are more effective then any story. Sometimes you see photographs that just take your breath away. The following photos; some famous, some infamous, did exactly that to me on first viewing. They will live on, as a permanent reminder of the events which caused them.

Let us begin.

—<Drake, Photos that shook the world (OP; post #1)

Activity started to wane on the 4th version of the thread, and by the end of 2013, activity crumbled. Even an attempt at resurrecting it in Fast Threads fell through. It would end up being overshadowed by one of its contemporaries, the Auxiliary Pics thread.