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The OIFY was a Facepunch forum section (and sub-forum at other times), and the hottest place on the web (at least that was what its title stated). There are no rules in the OIFY (except things that break the law, aka CP, gore and doxing). The former forum section used to have a unique forum design, and the only rating available was the OIFY Pinknipple. The forum was open to all, but hidden from the index until July 1, 2011, when it was passworded.[1] The OIFY was then made Gold Member only until around March of 2017, when it was opened to any registered members, and was put on the front page. Following that, it was moved to the New Sites Forum in November of 2017, where it remained unusable until April of 2018.

About the OIFY

The OIFY was created very early (late 2005, early 2006) in the life of Facepunch as a sub-forum for members to post to their heart's content about topics and in ways generally not accepted in the other sub-fora. It was originally designed by Hezzy. Its name doesn't stand for anything in particular,[2] however various backronyms have been jokingly created by the sub-forum's community to capitalize on that fact, such as saying it stood for Only I Fuck You[3] or, more frequently told to newcomers of the section, the flipped abbreviation of You'll Figure It Out.[4][5] The background, banner and icon images are controlled by Craptasket and Elexar, and hosted by the latter.
The OIFY prior to being passworded.

OIFY had always been a lawless sub-forum, where people posted only by rules set up by its regular userbase. Mods carried out Freshman Fridays in which they would randomly ban new members who figured out the location of OIFY. Contrary to popular belief, the OIFY was never intended as, and never was, a shitpost haven. The OIFY regulars made this the 'public image' so that the influx of new users would be drastically lowered, thus maintaining a steady and fun community. Satirical and ironic posting reached unfathomable levels, causing the meaning of posts to be entirely missed by people who weren't familiar with the posting style. This strengthened the public image of OIFY being a shitpost haven and in direct effect kept more 'stupid' people from coming in.

After a while, OIFY regulars created a Steam Group known as the Cool Cats of Facepunch. Their group information shows their OIFY roots: If you're too stupid to understand the satire you can shut up and sit down.

Dark times were heading towards OIFY towards the end of '08.

OIFY after 08

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Regulars leaving, new people who misunderstood OIFY and it's way of posting and started actually shitposting, garry closing and re-opening and closing again and many more factors were the reasons for OIFY's spiraling downfall. The actual death of the OIFY is widely regarded to have been a thread entitled 'Oify Bath Night'. After this thread's creation, the OIFY was finally dead.
—Cabbage, OIFY: Hottest Place on the Web - "oify bath night..."[6]

Following 2008, things started to slow down for the forum section (promoted from sub-forum). With the frequent changes made to its accessibility, old regulars leaving, contextless threads and the section's reputation resulting in new people misinterpreting the purpose of the section, disposing the password as to make it Gold Member only, and much more contributed to the downfall of OIFY, at least in the eyes of regulars that still remained. The quote above attributes OIFY's final passing to the thread "oify bath night...", created in late December of 2015 by xZippy, where for less than a dozen posts users roleplayed a bath night.

As a result of the 2014 forum section reshuffle, with the deletion of the Glod Menbers forum category, OIFY was made hidden. It was still available for those who knew the direct link however.

On the 1st of March, 2017, following a minor forum change, OIFY was finally made available to all registered members of the forum, placed under the Facepunch forum category.[7] Following the end of the 4th Forum Discussion thread, it was decided to split said thread series in two, one for serious forum discussion (which continued to use the name) and one for casual discussion with the moderators, which was located in OIFY.[8]

OIFY has also seen at least two title changes in 2017 - the first had its entire name struckthrough, and the added text referencing the incredibly unpopular meme Pickle Rick, [citation needed] while the second and current title has done away with the original title of the forum section, replacing it with "Vape Me Daddy" after a comment made in "shitpost with the mods v1", on the 6th of November.[9]

On the 22nd of November, 2017, as its former brothers in the Glod Menbers forum category were moved to the New Sites Forum,[10] OIFY too joined them and was made private, having been temporarily moved to the Moderators section.[11] Later, on the 2nd of April, 2017, OIFY was made public once more, as a sub-forum of the Gold Membie Fuck Bunker.[12]

Death of the OIFY

On the 14th of February, 2019, Feeble Oaf posted gore within the section as a thread.[13] Due to Newpunch's inability to delete specific posts and threads, Feeble Oaf was permabanned and, considering the general deterioration of quality within, the entire section was deleted. This decision was a long time coming, and it was met with general agreement, as the OIFY had not been useful for some time.


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