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The banner of the Nintendo 3DS Megathread prior to adding New to its title.

The Nintendo 3DS Megathread was a Megathread on Facepunch in the General Games Discussion.

It consisted of users discussing the Nintendo 3DS, games on the Nintendo N3DS/3DS/DS (except for game series which already had their own megathreads, such as Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter and Pokemon), speculation, recommendations, complaining about Nintendo and screaming at each other about Mario Kart.

With the 6th installment of the thread series, due to the release of the New 3DS, New was added to the title of the thread, making it the New 3DS Thread. However, discussion in the thread slowed to a crawl as it entered its 7th installment, and with the approaching end of the 3rd Wii U Megathread, it was decided on the 12th of May 2016[1] to merge the megathreads of the two lines of Nintendo consoles into one, creating the General Nintendo Discussion.[2]


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