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Joined January 2013

NiandraLades is a former moderator of the Facepunch forums. She used to mainly moderate the Garry's Mod subsection.


NiandraLades joined Facepunch on the 7th of January, 2013. Her name is known to originate from John Frusciante's debut solo album, Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt.

Niandra appears to have a strange obsession with Pugs - this can be seen in her ritual-like avatar selection which consists mainly of pugs. She is also always seen in any thread that mentions Pugs, which can, again, be put down to her aggressive obsession with Pugs.

NiandraLades ran Empyrean Gaming (otherwise shortened to Emp'G) with her boy friend, Biffi. Empyrean Gaming was commonly known for their GMod Trouble in Terrorist Town server which boasted a complete custom experience over other servers. Later, Emp'G opened a GMod Minigames server, which gained more popularity than their previous TTT server.