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News Node
"beep boop I am a news robot"
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News Node was a Facepunch forum section where only news bots from several tech and gaming-related websites may create threads.


The forum section traces its past to mid-2005. At this point, Facepunch had just three general forums: General Discussion, Drop Dead Thread and News Node.[1] News Node was renamed In The News Node on May 16, 2011,[2] as it took on Sensationalist Headlines as a sub-forum, previously a sub-forum of GD called In The News. During the 2011 forum section shake-up, SH became a full forum section, but ITNN retained its new name.

In recent times, users have called for the removal of the PCGamesN bot, as the quality of the articles has degraded gradually. Threads from PCGN are usually flooded with posts panning the articles. PCGN was removed in 2017. After postal asked for name rebranding suggestions, the section adopted the name Sponsored Spambots in 2017.[3] The section re-adopted its original name in 2018 after the migration to the New Sites Forum.

Unfortunately, after the migration, the section had effectively ceased to be, as none of the bots active on the old software had been brought over. In April 2018, the section found itself turned into a sub-forum following the events now referred to as the Megathread crisis. Later, in October 2018, as a result of the 2018 forum section reshuffle‎, News Node was absorbed into Sensationalist Headlines, a reversal of its previous position.

News Bots

There are many news bots that post in SS, currently active bots include:


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