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Nsfw.gif The contents of this article are considered not safe for work.
A screen grab of the thread, censored for a better Facepunch
Oh my god.
—Hogie bear

Need help with a few models is a thread created by user Xabin on the 4th of January, 2016, where they asked for help with a selection of genderswapped Rotor the Walrus and Cobar the Echidna models, which have had naked breasts and/or penises grafted onto them.[1]

As the quote indicates, everyone was initially horrified at the models presented, as the entire forum was caught off guard. However, after a couple of pages worth of reactions, folks intensified their attempts to explain to Xabin that they were in the wrong place for the sort of help they wanted.[2] Despite this however, despite being told that the NSFW post icon wasn't made so that people could post content like this, Xabin insisted on being in the right. This resulted in the thread boiling down to an increasingly frustrated argument between Xabin and the rest of the forum, while to the side folks dug and discovered more on Xabin and their NSFW escapades. Xabin would end up being permabanned by Craptasket with the reason "Doesn't belong here".

Despite the amount of bleach used by Facepunchers following this thread, its memory still lingered on, with the most recent example being in the thread "FacePunch A Toxic Very Horrendously Put Together Site" by user WhatIsUpScarc.[3]


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