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Joined January 2013

Mystlight was a former user and Gold Member of Facepunch notable for the lack of quality in his posts (aka shitposting). In spite of his original ban, Mystlight created so many alts to attempt to return to Facepunch that Hezzy had to implement an IP-range ban to keep him out.



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I mean seriously, look at this shit.

Mystlight created a thread to beg for gold in a thread made to "prove a point" that frequent posters can just beg for things and get it. In the same thread were failed troll attempts by ventilated and Cowabanga, ventilated saying he bought it for him, when he didn't, and Cowabanga by posting a screenshot of the Boostar bought confirmation page, although it was a title that said "I WANTED GOLD, SUCKS THAT I GOT A TITLE STATING HOW BIG OF A FAGGOT I AM". He also infrequently contributed to LMAO Pics, and was called out in early 2013 for being 11 years old (to which he met some acclaim for being actually well spoken, having good grammar, and knowing how to post better than Swog and Killuah, both hated and older than him). Lego-Guy eventually purchased the Gold Member upgrade for him after he posted "I want gold" in the then-latest What Are You Thinking? thread. Soon after, Mystlight was permabanned for trolling.[1]


After Mystlight's original ban, he created a new account to return to the community a few months later named Sand-Castle and was subsequently permabanned for being an alt of Mystlight.[2][3] The account was unbanned and resumed activity in May 2015 for Garry's Birthday.

The account received several bans over the course of its lifetime. However, Sand-Castle created a Refugee Camp thread following this account's second permaban by Craptasket for blowing his last chance in LMAO Pics.[4] The request for a second chance was denied following Craptasket's post revealing the massive amount of alts that Sand-Castle had created to attempt to ban-evade his previous permabans.[5] Mystlight was placed on the ban-on-sight list following this incident.


Mystlight created another account several months later named lonesome in September 2016.[6] The account barely lasted for a month before it was permabanned. Although a Refugee Camp thread was immediately after the ban, it wouldn't receive a response until seven months after its creation.


drafting would be one of the final alts that Mystlight created during his time at Facepunch. This account was created in January 2017, three months after the previous Refugee Camp thread Mystlight created. However, this account saw very little activity even compared to lonesome, only managing to gather 16 posts before being permabanned again by Sgt Doom.

Like his other three main accounts, Mystlight created a Refugee Camp thread under drafting requesting an appeal citing that his original permaban on his Mystlight account was three years old and his posting habits had improved.[7] Moderators closed the thread on January 24, 2017, denying his appeal due to the several previous permabans he had already received on the aforementioned accounts.

Hezzy reopened the thread on January 30, 2017, at the request of Mystlight.[8] Although the rest of the moderation team had effectively denied his appeals up to this point, Hezzy offered Mystlight a chance at redemption if he left Facepunch and joined a community for a few months and reconvened with the moderators at the end of March.[9] Surprisingly, Mystlight turned down this offer two days later on February 1, 2017. In addition to declining the offer, Mystlight also followed up with a massive rant in his Refugee Camp thread which was shortly closed thereafter:[10]

I've thought about it long and hard; I'm going to decline the offer. I feel as though the fundamental point of all of this is being lost by having to prove myself to get in. I'd like to instead write a sort of essay regarding myself and my history with Facepunch.

For the first thing, I don't want any re-entry of mine to Facepunch to be under bad vibes. It won't be enjoyable if I have to go to another site that has a community, pool of subjects, and activity level of Facepunch, and work three times as hard for two months because of the limited timeframe. In addition, the mods are pretty biased against me - understandably so - for my past misdeeds, so it's pretty obvious to me that the majority isn't going to sign off on me. I'd want the Bindication of Sand Castle to come from a better place - one thinking of how I love this website and I always have. You don't make 20+ alts without being dedicated, you know?

There's a low level problem with the idea of going to a different community, where if there was somewhere enough like FP for the validity of demonstrating my value there to be true - why would I STILL be making alts instead of just hanging out there?

It's ABUNDANTLY clear, the dumb stuff I've done and said over my time here. I should make it clea that I completely understand why the mods are wary of unbanning me - the event log on my original 2010 account is horrifying enough, combined with some of the god awful shit on other accounts. I can't even name a select few gems of stupidity because there are SO MANY that are SO STUPID and I don't remember all of them.

One of them that I will mention, though, that I got banned for, ended up sort of being a big moment in my life. HorizoN, back in 2011 or 12, described her issues getting perscribed HRT by a gender psychologist. Being the naive child that I was, I asked what HRT was. She described what it was. In my infinite wisdom, at the age of nine years old, I replied "Neat, I should get some to mix in with my brothers vitamins, he'll be freaked when the tits atart to come in "

Not only is that a psychopathic, horrifying post that I thought was funny, but it also remained lodged in my head. Partly brcause of it's stupidity, but also because that was my effortlacking reply to the first time I'd been explained what being transgender was. It rang in my head for days, and it sort of clouded my thinking for a while as I realized that I was transgender; I desired all the described effects of HRT. It ultimately did me good in the form of being a less repressed person when I'd sat on it, and agonized for a long, LONG, time, and then almost a year ago finally came out in March last year. I'm a more straight up mature individual now that I'm not walking around exosting as a huge lump of sadness and angst. Facepunch kind of was a large part of that. Proof exists as one of the first posts on the Sand Castle account in 2013 mentioned that I was figuring myself out, posted in the C&T thread.

Regarding my old posts, I want you to know that I recognize the problems. It's clear that I was not dumb. Instead, I was a dangerous cocktail of dysfunction and ignorance. Facepunch helped me through some pf those things by arguing with me, but I've also gotten older. I'm less irritable. I do not think lesser of others than I once did - and I try my best to remain open to reasonable (by my definition, which is "not a communist, fascist, or pedo sympathizer

I guess this is sort of a love letter to Facepunch - depending on what happens, either a wistful breakup so we can both move on to better things, or a more positive reality check, proposing that we get back together and live a happy life. It'll probably get made fun of in the GMF, B!N4RY will probably post awkward parts of it in CIPWTTKT to make fun of.

Either way, if I stay banned or get unbanned, I certainly don't regret the time spent on Facepunch ad a kid. Although I endlessly made an ass of myself, it exposed me to a lot of new ideas and views outside the republican, christian south. Cheers.

MystlightRefugee Camp - "Are you serious" (post #19)

IP Banning

Mystlight's account loathing resurfaced in May 2017 in his Refugee Camp thread, requesting an unban for his previous alt Sand-Castle.[11] Mystlight went as far as offering to pay the moderators if they unbanned him.[12]

However, this was the last straw for Hezzy who made it abundantly clear he was no longer welcome back to Facepunch. Hezzy promptly added his IP-range to a ban list and requested all moderators forward any future IPs they come across to Hezzy for banning.[13]


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