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Megathreads are threads made to cover a topic through various pages and versions of the thread. Alternate titles for Megathreads can also include "general chat" or "station" in the title. A long running set of megathreads is referred to as a "thread series". While previously you couldn't call a completely new thread a Megathread from the start, only rename as such if a moderator deemed it necessary, with the smaller userbase of the forum, it's much more common to consolidate into megathreads.

Garry's oppositional views on megathreads, whether it be in terms of their actual size (which is controlled with the introduction of thread post limits) or just them as a concept (viewing them as against what a forum should be), have led to controversies in the past, the most recent of which being the 2018 Megathread crisis done after the move to the New Sites Forum.