Marphy Black

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Marphy Black
Joined December 2004

Marphy Black is a Gold Member, one of the oldest members on the Facepunch Studios forums.

As a lurker on the forums often, he is mostly known for his usage of rating users appropriate but out of the norm usage of ratings, such as Zing for agreeing with a post, Late for posts that are either not actually late but reference something old, Informative for random posts and Disagree in general with rare usages of Dumb compared to the common user.

He is best known as well for being an avid fan of retro FPS games, from highly popular ones such as Doom, Quake and Half-Life to more obscure ones such as Gore: Ultimate Soldier. He is known for his great coverage of concept art and leaks of classic FPS games, and is also a modder in his spare time. He also currently works for Running With Scissors, the developers of the ultra violent games Postal and Postal 2.