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Making Facepunch Better is a thread series found in General Discussion originally created by Robotboy655, one of Facepunch's staff members, and postal. The purpose of the thread was to suggest ideas, report bugs, ask questions and generally complain about the forums, spiritually succeeding the old "Ask Us About The Forums" series.

It's mostly notable for bringing many changes to Facepunch, such as reintroducing Gold Member's automatic upgrade and many small bug fixes. The series was discontinued in favor of the "Forum Discussion" series, introduced by Hezzy shortly after the end of the fifth thread.


Frequently Asked Questions

Titles, Username Changes and Gold Member

Prior to early 2015, users were able to purchase upgrades and changes to their account through Boostar, however this feature was removed without notice. As explained by Dai, the feature was removed as it was costing garry more in taxes than he was making from it.[1]

After many requests for it, Gold Member is now automatically given after 5 years of membership and making 2000 posts.

Titles cannot be edited, but they can be removed by PMing Robotboy655.[2]

There is currently no way to change usernames besides creating a new account (and potentially being seen as an Alt account).

Ratings in SH / RC

Ratings were disabled in Sensationalist Headlines in an attempt to cut down on users fishing for ratings with pointless zingers or joke posts. This was met with varied support and resistance. The removal is currently in a "trial period" to see if it improves posting quality.[3]

For the same reason, ratings were also disabled in the Refugee Camp, because they make certain banned members realize they have an audience for spamming threads. RC users were also limited to creating one thread per ban.

Tables and other formatting options

In the past, posts could be formatted with Superscript text, Subscript text, different sized fonts and tables. Tables were removed after an exploit was found that would break the page layout if used incorrectly and as such, may never be brought back unless a fix is possible. The other options were presumably removed simply due to Garry's dislike for them

New users and ratings

After multiple threads were spammed with ratings in retaliation for their removal from SH, new users are now required to make 30 posts before they can give ratings.


No, you shouldn't. You schmucks don't get that all you do is make certain banned idiots realize they have an audience with those ratings. I've seen people spend a year posting their stories and ~whacky jokes~ just to see how many funny ratings they could get. Not only that, but golds spamming mod posts with disagrees and dumbs and the banned user with agrees and winners doesn't really help us much in trying to convince them they did something wrong and not us. Too many issues with it that we then had to deal with.

You guys are free to continue arguing about the decision if you want, but at the end of the day it's our call since we're the ones that had to deal with it. Shits staying ~gone~

postalMaking Facepunch better - Don't post about ratings[4]


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