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Joined May 2007

lordofthefat was a Blue Member of the Facepunch Studios forums, infamous for convincing fellow users to give him money under the claim of being poor.


The Plead

lordofthefat, IRL.

On 25th of December, 2010, lordofthefat posted a thread titled "Can anyone help me out?", claiming he had no money for Christmas and needed donations to buy presents for his family and to take care of his disabled brother.[1] He ended up with $51 from Facepunch members as well as a Target gift card. While this could have been seen as a nice example of the Christmas spirit that Facepunchers had, lordofthefat had a different plan with the money all along.

The Scam

Less than a month later, on the 13th of January, 2011, lordofthefat posted another thread, titled "Might as well come clean".[2] In this thread, he admitted to lying about the reasons he wanted the donations and explained that he wanted it to buy a new computer, ending the post with the following;

Thanks though, it was nice of you guys to give me all that money.

As one could imagine, this pissed Facepunch off, which is something one should never do. In another post in the thread, he challenged Facepunch by wishing everyone good luck in attempting to find out who he exactly was.[3]

The Retribution

Various members of Facepunch found his address and full name within hours, with half of the thread's posters sending him a lifetime supply of pizza and boxes. Users Psycho_Shadow and Lord Xenoyia were able to access his accounts on other platforms, attacking his e-mail, YouTube, deviantArt, Photobucket and other accounts. His YouTube profile was replaced with many hilarious videos within a few hours.

In response, with his alt T3hF4tM4n, he posted a new thread titled "fuck you all";[4]
Rock Hard for Justice
:wtc: I just want you to know that you are all a bunch of fucking emo faggots.

Not only did I get the fucking COPS arrive at my fucking house, I got pizzas and shit. You guys fucking ruined my life and sphinxa if I ever find your address I will come and beat the shit out of you, you too xenoyia v2 and lead_farmer. No-one fucking steals my accounts you bunch of whores.

My dad now thinks I'm some fucking gay scammer because he was looking at this thread and my fucking youtube profile (THANKS XENOYIA V2 YOU FUCKTARD) and steam account so now everyone hates me and i'm made out to be some giant criminal.

Fuck you all, hope you all and your families die a miserable painful death in a ditch somewhere.

Fuckers. Don't you worry, I'll be back in a few years and fucking do this all over again. I swear it, and not Rusty or any fucktard mod can stop me.


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