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Joined December 2009

loco is a gold member of Facepunch, famous for asking Barack Obama to join the forums, to which Obama replied, "What is a Facepunch?".[1]

Anyway I asked him about joining Facepunch and the neutrality cause those were the best ones.

Secret service was all over him and the grabbed my arm when I reached into my pocket to get my camera to record. First I asked about the neutrality and he said

"Hopefully, people on the fence can choose a side."

and when I asked if he would like to join Facepunch Forums he said

"What is a facepunch?"

Then SS dragged me away while he had a confused look on his face. :funny:


—loco; 13th of July, 2012

They ended up receiving the title "I asked Obama about Facepunch and all I got was molested by the Secret Service".


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