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Joined July 2012
Banned September 2016

Leo5gg is a gold member of Facepunch who was permabanned on September 8, 2016. Leo5gg is most notable for one of the longest running advertising scams on Facepunch which spanned roughly three years.


Leo5gg frequently posted in the Garry's Mod section, particularly about game servers, server addons, or the drama surrounding either of the two. He has been permabanned three times on his account. The first permaban was requested by Leo5gg himself. The second permaban wasn't listed in a specific thread, although the previous ban leading up to it originated in a thread titled "Forum Software." The third permaban was issued for a much larger issue that warranted a sticky in the Refugee Camp.

Leo5gg was also formerly known and frequently referred to as "Leo Cash" due to his aliases in outside communities.

First Permaban

Prior to the initial permaban, Leo5gg trotted the line of shitposting in a thread made by darksoul69 advertising that he was providing free servers to the community.[1] Fed up with Leo5gg, darksoul69 called him out, asking him to stop posting in his thread. Leo5gg responded by shitposting once more which prompted postal to issue a temporary three-day ban.[2]

Leo5gg posted a Refugee Camp thread titled "Why Ban Me" in response. Rather than waiting for a mod to reply, Leo5gg requested to be permabanned instead, his reasoning being the user ratings which were still implemented in the Refugee Camp at the time.[3] Leo5gg would later be unbanned for Garry's Birthday.

Second Permaban

Shortly after being unbanned, Leo5gg bumped an old thread from 2011 titled "Forum Software." postal again issued a temporary ban, and the ban was upgraded to a permaban shortly thereafter.[4] It's unclear if the ban from this thread was the root cause of the upgraded ban or if there was some outside cause that influenced it.

Leo5gg would vanish for the next three years until his next ban.

Third Permaban

As a preface, after his second permaban (though it went unnoticed) Leo5gg split his activity between two accounts. His main account, Leo5gg, and his primary alt, wad wafes. In addition to these two accounts, Leo5gg also registered a massive array of different alt accounts with little usage or activity in order to help reinforce his plan, though this later backfires on him.

The third permaban's cause originated from a thread in Polidicks where he was banned for three days for trolling by Big Dumb American.[5] Although this was meant to be a simple temporary ban, Leo5gg created a Refugee Camp which exploded and unveiled Leo5gg's scam he had been enacting over the past few years.

Big Dumb American permabanned Leo5gg after he managed to tie wad wafes back to Leo5gg.[6]

wad wafes

Leo5gg was initially only tied back to wad wafes. Although it may have just seemed like some sort of advertisement shill account (which it was), it also linked to Intuitive Servers. After some basic investigation, Big Dumb American found that Leo5gg (now listed as Intuitive_Jess) was the creator of the Intuitive Servers Steam Group which wad wafes attempted to advertise only a couple of weeks prior to the Refugee Camp thread's creation.[7]

Mist Forums

Leo5gg was found to be registered to a forum software company named Mist Forums. His profile on said site very clearly labeled him as both the owner of RaidingGamers and Intuitive Servers.[8] However, Leo5gg was adamant that this only meant he ran the forums and that he did not own Intuitive Servers.

Ewe Host

Leo5gg's fake DDoS protection claim
Further into the Refugee Camp thread was a post from a user dating back to Leo5gg's first permaban, darksoul69. darksoul69 was able to determine based on the DNS servers which utilized the same IP on the same day, as well as WHOIS details and the Steam group for Ewe Host, that these two server hosts were run by the same people; in other words, both were run by Leo5gg.[9] This was also where Leo5gg was also tied back to his former alias of Leo Cash which he ran Ewe Host under three years prior.

Ewe Host was at first glance appeared to be a legitimate server hosting company, but this was later debunked as forum user GarrysModRP pointed out the site was full of stolen stock-images.[10]

Another user later in the same thread claimed that Ewe Host lacked even basic DDoS mitigation. When Ewe Host was hit by a minor DDoS, they went into full damage control mode and the DDoS'er actually revealed themselves in a comment section calling them out for their lack of protection against even minor DDoS attacks. When pressed by this claim, Ewe Host's response was to argue with the DDoS'er before threatening to DDoS him back.
DDoS'er ousting Ewe Host as illegitimate

After the spat with the DDoS'er, Leo5gg proceeded to directly contact people, looking to retaliate against people with his own DDoS attack. One such instance involved Leo5gg, in an extremely long-winded and roundabout way, offering to subtly pay someone under the guise of paying for "logos" to DDoS a Garry's Mod Server and/or TeamSpeak 3 server.[11] Although it isn't explicitly linked in the picture, at least one Facepuncher was contacted in an effort to hire a DDoS'er.[12]

Both Ewe Host and RaidingGamers shut down on April 21, 2013.[13]


After Leo5gg's entire scheme was unveiled in the Refugee Camp thread, Intuitive Servers' website was subsequently added to the list of blacklisted terms on Facepunch.[14] Leo5gg's personal details were also shortly excavated by Big Dumb American, who released Leo5gg's first name as proof he had confirmed his identity.[15] Shortly afterward, the entire thread was brought over to General Discussion for the whole world to see.[16]


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