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LMAO Pics is one of Facepunch's longest-running thread series, found in Fast Threads, though for a time located in General Discussion.


LMAO Pics began in 2008 and has run continuously ever since, going through nearly 100 versions as of August 2011. It is unknown what version the thread is currently on, due to the fact that the 100th thread was renamed and most of the ones after it did not include version numbers, but it is likely quite high. Versions prior to V.17 have been archived but all other versions are still available and are usually listed in the OP of each incarnation of the thread (not anymore for a while). The meme That Cat originated from this series of threads, and is now a permabannable image. Many LMAO Pics threads were moved to General Discussion following the decision to not have posts in Fast Threads count towards the post counts of users in March of 2017,[1] until they were moved back to Fast Threads on the 5th of April, 2018, as a result of Fast Threads posts counting once more on the New Sites Forum.


The purpose of the threads is for users to post funny pictures and image macros, in a manner akin to an imageboard. At one point, pictures that were interesting, sad, cute, etc were allowed to be posted too, but pictures like these are now supposed to be posted in Auxiliary Pics.


As of November 2017 they are:

  • Normal FP rules apply.
  • Post "Funny" Images. Videos are ok, too, so long as they are funny. BUT no gore, distasteful, racist, stuff you wouldn't post in front of a mod team, etc
  • No complaining, no bitching. If you do have any objections/complaints/confusion with these rules take it to private messages with a mod.
  • This thread has enough trouble getting derailed. Derailing/Bitching/etc AND posting content is STILL BEING AWFUL and you're banned.
  • Replying to a LMAO pic once is not derailing, going down a chain of replies one after another without posting content will get you all banned.
  • No offtopic shit. This isn't a thread for discussing video games you like/hate or something you really liked when you were younger. This also means it's not a thread for cool cosplay pictures or for showing of some neat artwork (legos, sculptures, etc) or pictures of pets doing nothing funny. There are other threads for that, USE THEM
  • Seriously if you don't contribute to the thread you may get banned - SO POST CONTENT.
  • Posting enormous gifs will get you banned. Post webm instead
  • Anyone reposting dumb spam memes like that old deer eating grass pic, that dumb cat pic, the apartment waterslide pic, the wayne's world pepsi video, or some dumb mashup of them all together gets banned for at least a month. If you try to be clever and edit them slightly, you get banned too. This isn't 4chan, stop trying to force memes here by spamming them like a schmuck. They aren't funny, and you aren't funny.
  • Replying to someones funny pic with a reaction image is fine. Using an image macro to tell someone to shutup or call them a faggot isn't.
  • Loss posts no longer get you banned (sadly)


A somewhat complete list of all the versions was created in what is now the 166th version of this series.[2]



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