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Knockout is a new forum designed and programmed from scratch by user Inacio. Initially started at the beginning of the 2018 Shutdown Crisis under the name "Notpunch",[1][2] using the .chat domain, the software gradually obtained many features similar to those of both the vB4 Forums and the New Sites Forum.


By late February 2019, nary a comment had come from garry on the topic of the forum's fate, despite his initial comments pointing towards a conclusion on the matter "early next year".[3] Around the same time, Hezzy organized the 2019 Facepunch Census,[4][5] a departure from previous censuses as it concentrated more on the forum proper than on demographics. One section of the census concentrated on the idea of planning a new forum, with one question being proposing names for such a forum. With the feedback from the census, and some further discussion afterwards, a concensus was reached on the name Knockout, a clear nod to the Facepunch name.

Later, by the 5th of March, 2019, Hezzy supplied Inacio with the domain name, and on that day, Knockout entered open alpha.[6] Several moderators from Facepunch, including Hezzy, Taliyah and Craptasket agreed to moderate the new forums if Facepunch shuts down their forums, and plans have been made to jump to Knockout at a moment's notice if the forums suddenly shut down. A lite version of the forum was even made. Hezzy would later retire from moderating completely as a result of developments in real life.

By January of 2020, the Knockout team had implemented an optional BBcode text editor known as KnockoutBB to great acclaim.[7]

On November 4th, 2020, ownership of Knockout was transferred to IceCold.[8]

Knockout received a major frontend upgrade on November 30th, 2020, featuring post previewing, thread icon categorization, custom site themes, and other various improvements.[9]


In Garry's goodbye message after he closed the forums, he included a redirect to Knockout, referring it as the place "to host the Facepunch Refugees".


Knockout! Lite

Knockout! Lite is a version of the Knockout frontend managed by Northern Lights. It is designed to work on just about any device with a web browser, including vintage PCs with NCSA Mosaic.[10]


kopunch is a Knockout frontend developed by Ott. It is designed to function as close to Facepunch vB4 as possible.[11]


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