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Joined November 2011

KennyAwsum is a Gold Member on Facepunch. He frequents the OIFY, General Discussion, Fast Threads, Videos And Flash Movies and That Kind Of Crap, Sensational Headlines, In The News Node and General Games Discussion forum sections.


'KennyAwsum is the Instigator of a meme within the OIFY, starting with the lets count to 2 thread KennyAwsum repeatedly bumped the thread over and over with the number 2 over the course of a few days. This eventually transitioned into other threads and even prompting threads of their own. The spam bumping of 2 prolongs the life of a thread well past it's typical lifetime consuming a thread until most of the posts are that of just simply 2. 2 takes advantage of the OIFY's lack of rules and many users have expressed their distaste of 2 through the creation of their own threads however this hasn't stopped KennyAwsum and many others like Burre.png or IceGT_ from doing it or even abusing the threads that speak out against it by bump spamming 2.