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Sensationalist Headlines
"News gets more informative the more outraged you are by it."
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Sensationalist Headlines is a Facepunch forum section. It existed for many years as a sub-forum of General Discussion under the name In The News, before being renamed and transferred to the News Node forum section, which was renamed In The News Node. It was then made an independent forum section during the 2011 forum section shake-up.


In Sensationalist Headlines (shortened to SH), users may post articles from news outlets for discussion among Facepunch users. A typical SH thread will include a link to a single news article, an excerpt of the article, and sometimes a comment by the user. Sometimes multiple articles may be used if needed, or a "too long; did not read" (TL;DR) may be included, but this is not always the case.

The forum section's rules had always been contentious since their inauguration in 2011, where former forum moderator Starpluck laid down the law. The current iteration of the rules can be found here.


SH is home to news puns, a popular type of ratings whoring. SH is known throughout the rest of the forums for being full of uninformed, opinionated, pseudo-politicos and is a popular spot for debate on current events.


Following discussion in the 1st Making Facepunch Better thread, it was decided to disable ratings in the forum section in an attempt to curb the amount of users fishing for ratings. Later, a Gold Star rating was introduced as to make it easier to identify posts that contribute to discussions after complaints were made over the inability to just skip over terrible posts by identifying its ratings.

Following major discussion, it was decided to rename the original SH forum section to Polidicks sometime in March of 2017, due to the influx of political news pertaining the 2016 US presidential election. Threads were not moved over, and as a result, all older SH threads reside in Polidicks. The forum section retained the Gold Star rating initially, before it was handed over to Polidicks, while all other regular ratings were restored in SH (though this resulted in those early SH threads now having Winner ratings, so threads talking about terrible events have the rating all over).

For April Fools 2017, the section was temporarily renamed to Sensual Headlines, later changing back to Sensationalist Headlines.