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Former forum sections
Film and Television
Automotive Addicts
Durgs Discussion
Urban Exploration
Film and Television
Witness The Fitness
Cooking Chums
Maker Mates

Hobbies is a former Facepunch forum category, promoted from a forum section after the 2011 forum section reshuffle.

The section was originally created as a descendant of the custom forums that were found on Facepunch prior to 2009. Following the forum software update of that year, a transitional Custom Forums forum category was made, initially housing the Forum Request section (and its subforums Video Games Directory, Lifestyles Directory, Hobbies Directory and Miscellaneous Directory) from March to July of that year. Afterwards, the section was replaced with the Lifestyles and Hobbies section, containing the subforums Roleplay Wonderland, Languages, Love Advice, Gay Pride, Furry, Drug Discussion, Airsoft, Marketplace and Avid Automotive Admirers (the latter three first being sighted from early 2011 onward).

Around February/March of 2011, the entire section was moved to the Facepunch forum category, dropping RPWL, Languages, Love Advice, Gay Pride, Furry and Marketplace as subforums - AAA was renamed to Automotive Addicts, Drug Discussion became Durgs Discussion and was hidden from guests, and three new subforums in the form of Witness The Fitness, Cooking and DIY & Gardening were introduced. Hobbies would also adopt its current name. Later, in July, it was promoted to forum category.

With its promotion, all of its subforums were also promoted to forum sections, and at the same time, it adopted the Film and Television and Music forum sections from the Facepunch forum category. Shortly after its promotion, it also gained a new forum section in the form of Urban Exploration. A year later, in July of 2012, the sections which lacked a forum description were given one and some were even renamed, with Cooking becoming Cooking Chums and DIY & Gardening becoming Maker Mates.

Over time, while some sections retained plenty of activity, others were practically ghost towns from an outsider's perspective. This would prompt the entire category's deletion by way of the 2015 forum section reshuffle, with the threads of all the sections dumped into General Discussion.