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Hide-the-Pain Harold.

Hide-the-Pain Harold (alternatively, just "Harold", "Hide-the-Pain Maurice", or just "Maurice") is the nickname that is popularly given to a senior stock photography model which often in photos he has posed in can appear to suppress discomfort with his life through his facial expressions.


Photos in which "Harold" appears were first brought to attention on Facepunch through the then-recent LMAO Pics thread, after several users, such as Greenen72, posted them on the 13th of September, 2011 from the stock photo and royalty-free image website Dreamstime.[1] After receiving his nickname from user FreakySoup,[2] Greenen72 created a thread in Photoshop Contests called "Photoshop Hide-the-Pain Harold", just an hour later.[3]

In that same thread, users were encouraged to manipulate photos of Hide-the-Pain Harold to make him appear to be in various scenes.[4][5][6]


A Facebook page called "Hide the Pain Harold" was created on October the 23rd of 2011, and many images related to "Harold" have been posted on it.[7] As of November of 2017, the page has been "liked" by over 9,900 Facebook users.[8]

Another similar Facebook page called "Maurice", which is considerably more popular, was created on the 1st of January, 2014.[7] It has been "liked" by over 20,400 Facebook users, as of March of 2016.[9]

On the 5th of May, 2014, a 4chan user created a notable thread which used stock photos of "Hide-the-Pain Harold" to create a fictional story of the lives of "Harold" and his wife.[10]

An Imgur user named "SomeShitbag" created a similar story featuring some quotes from the 4chan thread posted on May of 2014. It was posted to Imgur's 'gallery' on the 7th of September, 2014, and it received over 880,000 views in approximately 3 weeks.[11][7]


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