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NSF version 2, Late 2017.
NSF version 3, March 2018.
modified NSF version 3, September 2018.

The New Sites Forum (popularly referred to as Newpunch, among other nicknames) was a completely new forum software and website written by garry, revealed in October 2017. In contrast to its predecessor, known as Labpunch, the look and feel is closer to that of the vBulletin forums. It became the main forum in March 2018. garry continued to develop the forums, but development stagnated at some point. It was the last forum software used before Facepunch was closed.


While the Garry's Mod and Rust forums would still be accessible through the front page (alongside other projects such as Project : Tile, Before, Space Usurper, etc), they would also have their own separate and self contained links, including their own custom theme with each game's respective colors. Users are again forced to authenticate with another account, initially this time with either Google or Facebook, however it is possible to link the account with vB4 accounts and more authentication options are planned to be introduced (including Steam).[1][2] BBcode is no longer used, the post editor now being fully WYSIWYG. A point system awards users Forum Coins for posts, and coins can be redeemed for larger avatars, with more ratings, new emotes and more planned.[3]

Glod Menbers was initially dead, signified by OIFY's lack of existence, but Gold Membership was reintroduced after it was made possible to link one's vB4 account, and with it the Gold Members Forum was brought in, albeit now renamed to Gold Membie Fuck Bunker. Gold Membership was later made available in the Shop for 200 Coins. The ability to implement Custom CSS was later implemented, and themes to emulate the look and feel of the vB4 forums even further were created. There was previously a Roadmap page, which illustrated what garry planned to achieve, and by when (which included a mention of possibly setting up a Wiki system, prompting some brief discussion about fusing this very wiki with the forum[4]). That page, along with the Changes page, which allowed users to see what changes garry had made to the forum, were phased out after subsequent updates.

Transition from the vB4 Forums

On the 13th of March, 2018, the NSF received a massive visual overhaul, referred to by garry as "Newpunch 3", with a theme reminiscent of Facepunch's look prior to 2009. As a result, most CSS Themes were broken and a disable switch was implemented.

Up until the 15th of March, 2018, the Rust forum category, the Garry's Mod forum category, the Source Filmmaker forum section, the entirety of the former Glod Menbers forum category, and the Developers forum category were the only areas moved over to the New Forums. On the 15th itself, starting with the the entire Games forum category, the Mass Migration began, as the rest of the forum was gradually moved over the course of several hours, with Sensationalist Headlines, Creationism Corner and Film, Television and Music moving over next, followed by Hardware and Software and Sponsored Spambots, before the front page was replaced by a message saying "Sorry again, Be Right Back :)".

Soon after, the message was replaced with "The forums are moving. Once the 20 million posts have migrated over we'll open these forums again for you to access your PM's etc." informing those unaware to what's going on and reassuring those who thought they had lost access to their PMs.

Development Woes

Following the 2018 March Migration, developmental woes unfortunately didn't cease, as would be proven by the megathread crisis later in April, leading to a good amount of dissatisfaction. Gradually, as the roadmap was removed and updates slowed to a crawl, many features previously found on the vB4 Forums remained missing, and to make matters more worrisome, the moderation tools were broken to a degree.

Woes would only worsen later in October, as Garry voiced feelings of shutting down the forums, prompting the Shutdown Crisis. Despite his initial comments pointing towards a conclusion on the matter "early next year",[5] as of late March 2019, development had effectively ceased and the forum remains in limbo. Worries over the forum's fate had prompted the development of emergency alternatives, the most prominent of which being Knockout. On the 11th and the 12th of June, 2019, the crisis would end with the closure of Facepunch.


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