Great Bitcoin Heist

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A screenshot from Steam showing VistaPOWA and TheTailor25 revealing their plans.

The Great Bitcoin Heist was an attempted heist of a large sum of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency from Facepunch user Turing. This heist was planned by VistaPOWA and TheTailor25. Turing got word of their plans through tratzzz, and later exposed it through a General Discussion thread.[1]

The Plan

Turing had openly stated before that he mined a lot of Bitcoins a while ago, when they were easier to get and forgot about them. He discovered during the Bitcoin price hike that he had thousands of dollars worth lying on an old harddrive. VistaPOWA and TheTailor25 were planning to use an IP address scanner to then port scan and hack into Turing's computer, in order to download his bitcoin wallet, transfer it all into currency and run away with it.
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TheTailor25's post in the Refugee Camp

The Result

Turing was told that they were planning to steal his Bitcoins by tratzzz and when TheTailor25 sent him a link to a suspicious website he decided to do something. He posted a thread in General Discussion exposing what had happened, leading to widespread condemnation from the Facepunch community and the eventual permabanning of Vista and Tailor.


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