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Gold Member is a usergroup on Facepunch, which grants access to The Gold Members Forum and the Refugee Camp. Gold Members may also use animated GIFs as avatars, which Blue Members may not. Gold Membership used to be a $10 upgrade available to any user, but is now automatically granted for free to users who joined over five years ago and have more than 2000 posts or from participating in a forum contest.


Gold Membership was introduced in 2005 as a $10 upgrade. garry shut down the purchasing system in February 2006, before jokingly bringing it back at a price of $999.95. This lead to the infamous Monkey_123 incident, after which purchasing was again shut down.

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An example of the 80x160 Gold Member Avatar size

Between 2006 and 2009, Gold Membership was only occasionally granted to exceptional members of the community. On December 11, 2009, garry reintroduced Gold Membership as an automatic upgrade for users who had over 2,000 posts and had joined over two years ago.[1] There was uproar among existing Gold Members at the change, who accused garry of devaluing the position and making their precious $10 investment worthless. They branded themselves "old golds" and began a campaign of hatred against the new golds in the GMF. The campaign was short-lived however, as everyone quickly stopped caring.

On June 16, 2011, garry lowered the boundary for Gold Membership from 2,000 to 1,000 posts. Many former Gold Members committed suicide, and some declared they were leaving the GMF for the OIFY. More suicides followed on July 5 when Gold Membership purchasing was re-opened for the first time in five years.[2] A week later, on July 12, garry raised the bar for automatic Gold Membership to 5 years and 100 posts, to acclaim from Gold Members.[3] In 2013, the avatar image size for Gold Member was raised to 80x160. There was no way for gold membership to be achieved, as there was no prerequisites and it cannot be purchased.

On 11th July, 2015, Robotboy655 announced that you can get gold membership as an automatic upgrade again for having over 2000 posts and had joined five years ago.[4]

On 1st October 2017, Hezzy allowed gold membership to be purchased once more, this time through the Community Fund.[5] This way of obtaining gold was made defunct after the Fund's closure.

Meanwhile, on the New Sites Forum, gold membership initially didn't exist, but was reintroduced after the ability to link one's vB4 account was added, serving only as a legacy function. Later, after the introduction of Newpunch 3, gold membership was made available for purchase through the shop of the coin-based points system, costing 200 coins.[6]


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