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GD redirects here. For the forum with the same acronym in The Bottom Of The Forums, see General Disruption.
"Bitching about changes, chatting with your mates and other crap"
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General (previously known as General Discussion) is Facepunch's flagship forum section, intended for discussion of topics which do not fit into any other section of the forum.[1] It is most commonly used for threads on real-life topics and Facepunch community matters. Language threads dedicated to specific languages can also be found here.

From February 2013 until January 2015, threads in General were sorted by the date on which they were created. This was different from other sections, where threads were sorted by their most recent posts.[2]


  1. Old Section Description: "Post stuff that fits in no other section"
  2. General - "Ask us EVEN more about the forums: READ THE OP before EACH post or get BANNED." (post #952):