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Joined January 2010

FunnyStarRunner is a Gold Member of the Facepunch Studios forum who, according to what he wrote, "originally posted some incredibly shitty threads, went into lurking for a year or so, then finally came back into the light and has since become a frequent poster of dubious quality."

Noteworthy moments

Garry's Mall

Back in January of 2013, FunnyStarRunner started the Shopping Mall Collab as proof that not every collaboration thread has to die mid-way through the projects.[1] He worked on the mall for a while, but after realizing that he's not such a good mapper, he switched the project leader to user TurtleeyFP. Progress continued once again.

Eventually, FunnyStarRunner decided that he could run the collaboration again, but spoiler alert: he couldn't. The new project leader afterwards became user gman_freeman; under his reign, the map managed to be completed late December 2013. Garry's Mall ended up being a beautiful map and, despite FunnyStarRunner's abandoned concepts and incompetency as leader (twice), he still managed to make it into the credits and contribute an in-game advertisement.

Poorly Animated Nursery Rhymes

Later, in Spring of 2014, in the deviantArt Appreciation Station, people starting posting videos of the then-unknown nursery rhyme "Johnny Johnny" set to laughably bad animation that all seemed to come from India. FunnyStarRunner got the thread back on track when he created the "Poorly Animated Nursery Rhymes" thread, which was popular for a while as users found more disturbing nursery rhymes to add.[2][3]


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