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Forums Discussion (also known as Forum Discussions) was a thread series created by Hezzy, Pascall and the other moderators, aimed at discussing the Classic Forums, Labpunch and the New Sites Forum. It replaced the earlier Making Facepunch Better series, where usual OP Robotboy655 made modifications to the forums, including the return of automatic Gold Membership. Among complaints about Tudd and other moderator shenanigans, it was the birthplace of the Community Fund and where the 2018 Shutdown Crisis was sparked.

After the umteenth discussion on Tudd, Hezzy closed the fifth thread, hinting at the possibility that the thread series would not return.[1] Fortunately, it did return two days later. Following the move to the New Sites Forum, the megathread was moved from General Discussion to {{Meta}}. The thread series was closed by garry on the 6th of April, 2018,[2] due to wanting to discourage it being used as a megathread, especially as {{Meta}}'s use was to allow threads to be made for discussion that otherwise would've been drowned out; but it was re-opened a couple of months later, on the 8th of July, by Hezzy after intense discussion in {{Meta}}. After that thread ended up autolocking after reaching the post limit, a new thread was made to discuss what was the most pertaining topic at the time - changing the rules that had been put in place - thus temporarily leaving the thread series behind, but a new thread was made three days later by user Paul-Simon.

After the ninth version, the following two threads would cast aside the usual thread title, opting instead for the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title, created by Hezzy. After the second reached the thread post limit, it would be some time before the next thread would be made, this time by Qbe-tex, with its original title restored. Afterwards, Inacio took the role of original poster.


Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a Moderator

A frequently done joke in the thread is ironically/unironically asking if one could become a moderator, with the most famous example of the latter (in- and out-of-the-thread) being Ehmmett. This prompted the addition of "Can I become a moderator?" to the FAQ in the OP, which answers the question like so:

We recruit only when we identify a gap in our coverage and we will pick people we think are suitable candidates. If you'd like to be considered, get yourself noticed by contributing positively to the forums. Why not submit a Community Fund Application and show that you're capable of taking on responsibility?


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