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Joined March 2008
Banned February 2017
Joined December 2014
Banned February 2017

Faze, now more well known agentfazexx, was a shitposter known for terrible uninformed posts. He had more recently, in Late February of 2017, entered infamy after a particularly embarrassing terrible post:

Insurance companies SUCK in the US. My wife was playing on her phone and hit two people within like two months or something over the summer, not even real damage. The first accident didn't even need to go thru insurance, but the asshole she hit reported it...and his truck was without a scratch. My insurance went, in November, from $374 a month (which was already outrageous) to $671 a month. No crazy high end supercars either. Hers is a 2013 Elantra and mine is a 2013 Civic Si. Insurance is just a legalized scam intended to do nothing but rip the people off you're there to help, allegedly.
—agentfazexx; 14th of February, 2017[1]
Faze being a called a creep in the "would you fuck the above user's avatar" thread
After this post, he earned a number of nicknames, listed below, and a title reading '"WHY IS FACEPUNCH FULL OF PEOPLE THAT DISAGREE WITH EVERYONE???" 🤔' linking back to the post;
  • Agent "Wife's on the phone before the t bone" Faze
  • Agent "T-Mobile? More like T-Bone Me" Faze.
  • Agent "wife takes the call, I take the fall" Faze
  • agent "wife drives to maim and increase my insurance claim" faze
  • agent "2 accidents in 2 months is no big deal wtf" faze
  • Agent "2 hits and 671 dollars later" Fazexx
  • agent "when my wife puts it in drive fucking pray you'll survive" fazexx
  • agent "insurance claim brought me fame" faze
  • Agent "when she steps on the gas you better haul ass" faze

Just a few days later, however, on the 23rd, he posted a ban me thread,[2] resulting in his permabanning.


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