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Former forum sections
Fast Threads
"This is for your 'Post Your' and 'Question' threads."
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Fast Threads was a Facepunch forum section intended for "Post Your" and question threads.[1]

Prior to March of 2017, this section's posts counted towards a user's post count, however on the 3rd of that month, the decision was made to once more have the posts no longer count.[2] Following this decision, many serialized threads and even communities departed from the section, including LMAO Pics, one of the longest-running thread series on Facepunch.

With the move to Newpunch, the aforementioned rule no longer applied to Fast Threads, returning it to its status quo. However, whilst it remained active, the decreasing number of users did show. In October 2018, as a result of the 2018 forum section reshuffle‎, Fast Threads found itself absorbed into General.


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