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The Facepunch TCG is the governing title given to multiple Facepunch community projects concerning the development of original Trading Card Games that started in Creationism Corner.

2005: Earliest Recorded Mention

Back in the early days of Facepunch, GlofuS asked the community to create "Facepunch Cards", although this was only a passing thought and nothing immediately came out of it (likely due to a lack of commitment as there was nothing presented to work on).

2006: The First Version

It wasn't until a year later that the Facepunch TCG finally came to life thanks to Upia. Not much can be salvaged from this version of the Facepunch TCG, as the thread has become forever lost ever since the pre-09' thread purge, as not even the Internet Archive has a copy of the thread preserved. Much can be said the same for the cards themselves, as the image host used back in 06' has since dissolved, deleting the cards in the process. Not much remains of this version of the Facepunch TCG, as the only solid proof that survives to this day is the spinoff community website created by Upia.[1] It should also be worth noting that mad_drunk created an advert for the Facepunch TCG, however the video has been wiped from Youtube.

One fact that can be salvaged about this is that there were at least 153 individual cards created by numerous Users during its run.

2008: The Second Version

In the month of May 2008, the Facepunch TCG was revived and given a complete overhaul by SCopE5000, who thought of it as a fun project to bring back as he felt there were some good cards made in the First Version's most successful period. SCopE5000 had also dedicated the time to write out some helpful guidelines for creators so each one created was somewhat balanced (which the First Version lacked in). It is also the largest version created to date, with more than four hundred individual cards created.

The Orion Deck

When the Second Version first started, the community knuckled down on creating the initial one hundred cards, with some creating cards representative of fellow Facepunchers as well as some that relate to Garry's Mod itself. Although SCopE5000's guidelines were perceived well and translated into most of the cards, a few can be considered too powerful with little to no drawbacks compared to the others, while others were considered joke cards and their only purpose was to cause amusement. After some consideration, all of the cards that were deemed unfit and/or overpowered were separated from the Orion Deck and were placed in the freshly created Hillbill Deck.

The following links lead to collages made of the Orion Deck (clicking on the Download button gives you higher resolution):

The Hillbill Deck

As previously stated, the Hillbill Deck was primarily created to provide refuge to cards that were deemed unfit to be in the Orion Deck, as a sort of consolation to their creators so they weren't left completely out of the equation. As such, they were not intended to be played on a competitive level.

The Delta Deck

When all 100 card numbers were taken and the Orion Deck was finished, the Delta Deck was created to allow the creative flow to continue. Unfortunately, it was around this time that interest had peaked and creation of cards dragged down to a snails pace right up to the beginning of August that year.

Booster Packs

An additional concept added by slayer20 was Booster Packs that followed a certain theme or subject that would otherwise take up too many card numbers in the Main Decks.

The following is a list of each Booster Pack, the number of cards created for them and their creator:

  • Booster Neko | 16 plus custom reverse graphic | slayer20
  • Booster Rurouni Kenshin | 12 | jechtman
  • Booster Metal Gear Solid | 13 | jechtman
  • Booster Mortal Kombat | 10 plus custom reverse graphic | Fang30
  • Booster Naruto | 8 | jechtman
  • Booster Final Fantasy VII | 23 (data for 200+ written) | jechtman
  • Booster Final Fantasy VIII | 100 | jechtman

2009: The Third Version

The Third incarnation of the Facepunch TCG came from Aurora93, whom saw (at the time) the large popularity of a Yu-Gi-Oh Photoshop Contests thread as a promising prospect for a TCG based off of Facepunch. Aurora93's first version was eventually scraped as criticism came for its low resolution (a byproduct of the increasing resolution of computer monitors when compared to the First Version), so he drew that thread to a close and then created a V2 thread with a higher quality of detail as well as individual templates for the cards.[2]


This TCG introduces three types of cards.

  • CHARACTER CARD (Red): Reserved for people and groups, as most people would use this to get themselves in the game.
  • PLACE CARD (Green): Used for Sub-forums and certain threads that have gained enough attention to be worthy of being made into a card.
  • SPECIAL CARD (Yellow): Typically created as additions for Character cards like Respected User, 10k posts, Gold Member etc.

Status System

It also included a status mechanic akin to the one used in the Fallout series (known as the SPECIAL system). The pre-determined limit for each status was 999, however many of the cards rarely exceeded a combined total of 300 (with the exception of the card "Facepalm"[3]). The order and definition of each Status are as follows:

  • ST - Strength
  • PE - Perception
  • EN - Endurance
  • CH - Charisma
  • IN - Intelligence
  • AG - Agility
  • LK - Luck

Interest quickly peaked in this version of the Facepunch TCG as well when the final card count came to 45, and to date is the most recent original version.

2010: Uplifting the Second Version

Seeing the possibility of reviving the concept, jechtman started working on revamping the Second Version created by SCopE5000 and restructured nearly everything about it, from the card layout to a fully functional rule set that borrows play styles from certain existing TCGs while adding original mechanics introduced by both Users to create a fully functional game. [citation needed] As such some things were change to meet a consistency quota.

Card Details

The card layout was reworked to feature a more stylish look with multiple templates created to support a larger variety of card types like the addition of Card Conditions and multiple possible attacks. Card terminology was also updated to relate to Facepunch, as the main card types are now called User Cards, Forum Cards, Post Cards and Rating Cards (last two were previously named Spell Cards and Equip Cards respectively). Rarity got a work over as all User Cards that are based off of actual Facepunchers were now given the Carbon Rarity, regardless of their power (although the higher-tiered cards were given the Carbon-Neon Rarity). Some balancing was done so the few cards that would've been considered underpowered now had a boost.

Deck Rearrangements

Seeing that there were too many unnecessary cards in the Orion Deck that would've belonged better in a Booster Pack, jechtman striped a large portion of cards from the Deck (mainly including the Team Fortress 2-themed cards) and filled the empty card number slots with cards from the Delta Deck.

Future continuation

While there a few more things that can be added and modified since new features have been added to Facepunch (renaming Metamorphosis to Boostar) jechtman believed that there could be a reemergence coming sometime in 2013. [citation needed] However, there seemingly hasn't been a mention of the Facepunch TCG since.



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