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Entire forum

The rules on this page are up to date with those found on the forum as of the 14th of November, 2017. While the Manual of Style discourages writing that requires to be upkept, this page requires it, if only because of its mere existence as a off-forum source of rules that can and will be updated. So please, check this page everyone once in a while.


Our forum is unique in that we hand out bans, rather than warnings. Bans are time outs. If you are banned, you can make an appeal in the “Refugee Camp”. Usually you will be unbanned if you apologise and show remorse.

This is not an exhaustive list. There will be individual guidelines for subforums and threads, please refer to these where appropriate.

These are garry’s forums and he can ban whoever he wishes for whatever reason.

Posting Etiquette

Treat others how you would wish to be treated.

Warez is unacceptable. Do not post or ask for links, or brag about Warez.

Ratings are there to complement posts. Do not complain about getting bad ratings. You’re an idiot, deal with it.

If you create a thread (such as a megathread for a video game), you will be expected to maintain the thread, keeping the first post up to date with the latest developments. If you cannot commit to doing this, please leave the thread for somebody else to create.

Please do not create “callout posts”. These are posts calling on users to explain something when the said user has no involvement in the thread (e.g. “DEFEND THIS, TUDD!”).

Do not post whilst under the influence.

Memes are generally not allowed, however there are a few exceptions to this where they have entered popular vocabulary (such as “REE” used in context).

Forum Etiquette

Do not bump old threads unless there is a good reason.

Use [t] tags to create thumbnails of large images.

Use [sp] tags to cover anything that can be considered a spoiler.

If you wish to discuss the forum, please do so in the most recent “Forum Discussion” thread in the General Discussion forum.

If for whatever reason, you are not happy with the way the Moderator Team have conducted themselves, please direct a Private Message to Hezzy or Postal. Do not post about on the forums as it just creates drama.

Not Safe For Work Content

All avatars should be of a standard that is safe for work, meaning no cropped pornography or questionable material.

Pornography is not allowed.

Do not post pictures or videos of that cat.

Section rules

Sometimes forum sections have their own set of rules.


General Discussion

  • Former chat threads: Welcome to GD! Believe it or not there's a slightly higher standard for posts here (really!), so try to make constructive posts or at least keep things relevant to the thread. You don't want to be a Fast Threader do you???
  • Don't reply to SHIT threads just to make fun of how SHIT they are. If you think a thread is a pile of crap DON'T POST IN IT - It's keeping all the dumb threads on the first page.
  • Use descriptive thread titles and post in the right subforum or you'll get banned.
  • Don't make boring contentless threads. Threads about what happened at school today or how unfair your parents are or what should I have for dinner. Nobody wants to read about that and there isn't anything to discuss.
  • Don't [Thread Tag]: This isn't the Gmod subforum. We have thread icons for a reason
  • No megathreads: The modteam will title yours one if we think it's necessary.
  • Use search: Before you make a thread, check to see if there hasn't been one recently made about it. If there is, then just post in there instead. Search is restricted to gold members currently, but you can always search through google.
  • Threads with no real topic to actually discuss belong in Fast Threads; Includes "post your x" threads and small questions. Use Fast Threads for AMAs.
  • For Survey Threads and Voting Threads: Be kind and courteous about it - That's all we ask. PM a mod if you want help.
  • Do NOT post donation threads without asking a mod for approval.
  • Bad ideas for threads:
    • School
    • Unfair parents
    • Religion
    • My x hurts/is sick/is dead
  • Parody threads
  • Copy Pastes
  • 4chan / reddit
  • Don't make threads about issues with using Ratings
  • Mundane crap you did today
  • It's my birthday!!
  • I'm new here
  • Chat-logs
  • Your awful idea for fixing x global crisis. IT SUCKS
  • Dumb video streams
  • Shitty rants that belong on your livejournal or something

None of these ever end well so your thread will just get locked. If it's exceptionally awful you'll get banned too, so make these kinds of threads at your own risk!

Note - Ban-me threads and spam threads are the same thing, you will get banned for posting in them.

Videos And Flash Movies and That Kind Of Crap

  • No Gore/Death/Fights/Cruelty/ADVERTISING/Porn.
  • You can self promote / post your own videos, just keep everything in one thread for yourself. BUT joining the forum to get views/feedback for your videos / channel / etc will get you banned. Even if you make a few random posts around the forum just before you do it.
  • Unsure if a video's been posted already?? Maybe with a different thread title?? Here's an easy way to check. If it's been posted already, just bump the original thread if you really want to discuss it again (and if you have something more to reply with than just 'cool!' or something) .

Sensationalist Headlines


With the 2016 political shitstorm, we've been receiving a lot of rubbish reports from this forum so I'd like to take this opportunity to streamline the posting guidelines for this section. The following serves as a guide and is by no means exhaustive.

As of 2nd April 2017, we now have a subforum for the discussion of Political issues, Polidicks. So anything related to governments or politicians, or anything directly to do with Trump or Brexit, should instead go there from now on. That forum section is NOT for stuff that may end up just causing a debate about politics, like a shooting thread causing a debate on gun control laws and such, or a thread about a homophobic person causing a debate on trump. Those can still go in this forum as politics wasn't the original point of the topic.

Reporting & Posting Guidelines

We expect you to put effort into your posts, ensuring that they contribute positively to the current discussion. If you make a joke, it must be appropriate.

Facepunch is accepting of differing opinions. Please don't report people for "flaming / trolling" just because you disagree with them. We will ban people for flippant reports.

The overall aim of our moderation policy is to promote discussion in a manner that is balanced and fair to all. If you have issues with how this is conducted, please feel free to contact me via PM.

Thread Creation Guidelines

You must be able to produce an accessible source that is reliable and no more than 2 weeks old. It must not duplicate an existing thread and must be named appropriately (no editorialisation or tags please!). Do not use tabloid sources.

Do not copy and paste the entire article. Post a helpful snippet of the article to provide an overview and link to the rest.

Opinion pieces are not news.


These have been re-enabled in this forum. I expect you to use them appropriately and be sensible. If you rate a school shooting as "funny" like some kind of 12 year old edge lord, you are going to be banned.

If you see somebody being an idiot with ratings, contact a Moderator by PM. Don't post about it in the thread; these will be treated as derailing and off topic.

High Profile Breaking Stories

In the event of a high profile breaking story the moderators will nominate a thread and temporarily sticky it, closing the rest. It is expected that the author will keep the OP up to date with the latest events in a prompt and impartial manner. If you don't think you are capable of doing this, please don't create a HPBS thread.

You can help update the OP by providing timestamped updates with verifiable sources, for example;

13:05 - Hezzy saw a shitty report and went on a rant: https://facepunch.com/threads/1550229?p=51760294#post51760294


Reporting & Posting Guidelines

These, along with the other rules, are generally what you were used to within SH. Because of the political issues, we expect this subforum to take on a more serious tone.

Because this is a debate forum we expect you to put effort into your posts, ensuring that they contribute positively to the current discussion. If you make a joke, it must be appropriate.

Facepunch is accepting of differing opinions. Please don't report people for "flaming / trolling" just because you disagree with them. You will be banned for flippant reports.

The overall aim of our moderation policy is to promote discussion in a manner that is balanced and fair to all. If you have issues with how this is conducted, please feel free to contact me via PM.

Thread Creation Guidelines

You must be able to produce an accessible source that is reliable and no more than 2 weeks old. It must not duplicate an existing thread and must be named appropriately (no editorialisation or tags please!).

Do not copy and paste the entire article. Post a helpful snippet of the article to provide an overview and link to the rest.

Opinion pieces are not news.

This forum is not for stuff that may end up just causing a debate about politics, like a shooting thread causing a debate on gun control laws, or a thread about a homophobic person causing a debate on trump, or anything related to political correctness. Those still go in Sensationalist Headlines.

Selecting a Good Source

We no longer maintain an explicit list of banned sources, because it's just not possible for us to curate a comprehensive list like that with our limited time and manpower. There are countless publications and websites out there. However, we still expect you to produce reliable, honest, accessible, and relatively unbiased sources. Obviously, some bias is inescapable, but take care not to use something that wears it on its sleeve, like Breitbart.

If you want to do some checking into your source, we're unofficially using the Media Bias/Fact Check website as a guideline right now.

Our criteria are that a source must have a bias rating no farther than Center Left or Center Right, and that it must have a High rate of factual reporting. This not only eliminates propaganda rags like Breitbart outright, but pretty neatly trims out some of the more extreme main stream sources like Fox News and Huffington Post. If your source isn't listed on this website, use your best judgment. Look at other articles on your source's site to see if an obvious trend emerges, check the "About Us" section for potential agendas or backing, or do some searches on the source in Google to try to attempt to verify its reliability.

If you cannot produce a source for your article that is reliable, honest, accessible, and relatively unbiased, then chances are pretty good that there's something fishy about it. In this case, it is likely better not to post it at all.

Non-English Sources

Given that this is an English-speaking forum, English language sources are always preferred, even if only as a secondary source (IE-- your primary source is non-English, but you post a secondary English language source to supplement it).

If no English source exists for your article yet, for any reason, then it is of course permitted to use a non-English article as your only source so long as you make a reasonable effort to provide a competent translation. Do take care to adhere to the guidelines on choosing a good source, though. It must be reliable, honest, accessible, and with a minimum of bias.

Film, Television and Music

Feel free to spread out - for example there's no need to bunch all the "Marvel" TV shows into one thread. Create a new thread for each series! Feel free to make threads for all your favorite shitty bands!

As always, use spoiler tags where appropriate. You will be banned for significant amounts of time if you spoil things for others.

Just a reminder, we do enforce a "No Warez" rule on this forum, if anyone is found posting links to downloads or streams of full episodes of shows you will be banned.

Use a bit of common sense here, think if we could get sued over it, if the answer is yes then don't post it.


General Games Discussion

Please search for an existing thread before posting a new one, the game you're looking to post about should already be here! If not, feel free to create a thread but please put a bit of effort into it and also use the correct post icon. If you come across low effort threads, or threads that have been abandoned by the OP, please contact a moderator.

This forum isn't for sourcing opinions, I.E "What's your favourite game?". These threads are low-effort and should be posted in Fast Threads. If you're looking for support, please visit the publisher's website or post in the relevant thread.

Please use spoiler tags where appropriate: typing things inside the SP tags [sp]Like this[/sp] to ensure nothing is spoiled!

Valve Games Discussion

This header is a place holder until we can write some proper rules. But please use the correct thread icons. Apologies that there's a shitload of them, but without FTP access we can't make them forum specific.

Games In Progress

You can use this forum to organize multiplayer games with other Facepunchers. You could do this with a "Let's Play..." thread, or perhaps make a thread for a server of your own. There are a few rules to keep in mind before making a thread here:

  • This isn't the place to advertise/recruit.
  • If you are going to make a "Let's Play" thread, organize it and make it happen. Include the platform you are playing on, and organize a list of confirmed players; otherwise no one will play with you.
  • Show us what your game is all about. Show us some footage of the game being played, provide us with some pictures, or even write about your experience with the game. Don't just tell us to play it, give us some information about the game too. *Playthroughs are NOT "Let's Play" threads. Don't confuse the two. Playthroughs are NOT allowed in this section.
  • Do NOT make a server thread if you do not have enough content to make it interesting. Your thread needs pictures, testimonials, and other things of a positive nature that will make your server stand out and make people want to play on it.
  • THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR SERVER HOSTING/GAME ADVERTISING - Do that offsite. This is for setting up game servers for Facepunchers to play - Joining to advertise gets you permabanned.
    • Advertising DarkRP and Rust servers is no longer allowed.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in your thread being closed and your account being banned. You have been warned.



This section is for the discussion of programming in a general sense.

This is not a Garry's Mod help forum.

If you have a problem with playing Garry's Mod, please post a thread in Help & Support.

If you would like to discuss GLua or have a problem stemming from it, please post a thread in Developer Discussion.

If you are in any doubt, don't hesitate to contact me or a member of the moderation team.

This section has a bit of a problem with clever spambots. If you see a brand new user with only a few posts making a thread asking for help, and then another brand new user helping them by giving them links to stuff, report them all. They may even make 1 or 2 simple borderline-incoherent posts around the forum first. Either way they're all just bots trying to advertise shit, so report them. Please and thanks!!


All normal Facepunch rules apply, that includes the general forum-wide rules listed way above:

  • This subforum is mainly a discussion of source mapping.
  • WIP means “Work In Progress” - Don't post WIPs without content.
  • Don't add [RELEASE] or [BETA RELEASE] or other tags to your thread title, use the thread icons.
  • Give criticism/help or do not post.
  • Search before posting, Search before requesting.
  • Decompiling maps and calling it your own is an asshole thing to do. You will get a harsh ban if you get called out on it.
  • Map Problems? Use Interloper's Compile Log Error Checker whenever possible. Your problem might be easily solvable by putting the compile log in the error checker first.
  • When posting compile logs in a thread, use [code]...[/code] tags.
  • Some non-source mapping is fine, even down to discussing mapping/architectural concepts with or without software. Have in mind this place is primary for Source mapping.
  • Source Tutorials/Resources can be found here.
  • Google your query first before posting, in the many years hammer and source have existed, someone might have already found the answer you're looking for. Due to a large number of very basic question threads, we're going to restrict quick mapping queries to the currently open "Mapping Questions Megathread". Basic question posts, and single question threads posted outside of this megathread will get you banned, and your thread locked without an answer! So try and use it for your basic queries. If you think your query goes beyond a back and forth and needs deeper discussion, feel free to make a thread for it, however unnecessary threads will be locked and your account banned.

Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod General Discussion

This isn't the place for Help & Support threads. If you post a Help and Support thread here you'll be banned, so don't.

Help and Support forum is here.

Server advertising is forbidden here, don't even think about it.

Need help with lua code or addon help? Take it here.

Making drama threads will get you banned because nobody cares and you are just making a mess. Signing up to make these threads will get you perma'd. Don't post in these either. Report them.

Do not create threads asking about how to build a community or gain more players. There is no magic solution to that, and these threads are usually pointless and go nowhere. Do not reply to such threads, as it will get you banned aswell. Report them instead.

Screenshots, Movies, Saves and Dupes

  • Give constructive criticism, don't say "You suck kill yourself with a rusty nail."
  • Put quality into your picture. If you say "I know it looks shitty...", then you should know that it doesn't belong.
  • Sex Poses no longer go here. Nudity is allowed if it has purpose, but sex isn't.
  • Take criticism given to you. Believe it or not, people actually want to help you succeed. Don't tell them to fuck off.
  • Discussing SFM and anything related to Source/Valve are OK, in fact encouraged. Media from SFM here is fine.
  • Turn up your graphical settings to the highest quality. If your PC gets bad FPS from it, only turn it up when you're ready to take the picture, then turn them back down when you're done.
  • Keep the offtopic chatter in the Chat Thread.
  • Useful links, whether they be tutorials or resources, or even image uploaders, can be found here.

Gamemode & Addon Releases

  • Feel free to ask for help in a specific addon's thread - but this isn't the place to ask for help. Don' post here if you don't plan to publicly release your script. This section is for work in progress addon megathreads and public releases.
  • If you're having trouble using something POST HERE.
  • If you're having trouble modding something POST HERE.
  • Don't need a mega thread just yet? Post in WAYWO in Developer Discussion. Use this thread series to start yourself off or discuss your work/others work in general.
  • Before making a thread in this section, please make sure your addon or gamemode has enough to content to warrant one.
  • If you want to make a WIP thread you can but it must contain a good amount of content. Organizing playtesting in this section is okay too but put that in your WIP thread only but don't make a separate thread for this.
  • Expect criticism. People are bound to suggest new/change or criticize your addon or what you are doing, however it WILL help improve it.
  • The following below is what you should do:
    • Make sure you put effort into your post, so users clearly know what you're displaying, show screenshots or videos and describe what it does and what it's good for. Example of what you should do.
  • The following below is what you should NOT do:
    • No low effort, very little description or no demonstration. Example of what you should NOT do.
  • Don't ask for links from the authors to download their addon when they're not ready for release yet. You're only wasting time and it's very annoying for the author.

Developer Discussion

This section, in lieu of writing down rules, as the general forum-wide rules apply, instead opts to have two threads dedicated to modding help and the following;

Need a coder? Don't make a thread. We are not interested in threads that state you are looking for a coder for your server/addon/gamemode. Please instead use this resource. Want to learn to code? Visit the modding help thread, linked above.

Help & Support

This forum section is for the community to share and help solve each others problems. We keep an eye on this section, but don't be surprised if we don't reply to every thread.

If you want to get help directly from us, please use our support site. Don't forget to search the knowledge base before opening a ticket <3

Hidden Forums

Please read these rules at your own discretion - due to their hidden nature, their rules have been left to languish.

Facepunch API

The Facepunch API allows programmers to easily create applications that use Facepunch's data, as it is readily available in a format that is easily consumable for computers.

Our API is modeled after MediaWiki's API. You can access it by making HTTP requests to fp_api.php, along with paramteres for the request.

More details can be found here.


  • Content content content. Info and proof-of-concept at the very least. Pictures and videos are preferable.
  • No Gamemode edits (i.e. DarkDM) unless you have something well-developed and presentable to show.
  • Ideas are fine, just lay them out fully and neatly. If you have nothing to bring to the table (i.e. ideas guy), you should be posting in the requests section - trying to recruit a team to make your idea so you can take credit for it is silly.
  • Make the thread title relevant to the thread. Preferably the name of your gamemode or a quick description or genre.

Golds Workshiop

This is a serious forum. Don't fuck about.

You can post projects you're working on here. It could be anything. Sewing a quilt. Programming a game. Building a robot.

Golds Gamings

  • Game discussion threads allowed, but don't make a really shitty one for no real reason eg "Minecraft thread discus autusmn lols!!"
  • If you are making a thread specifically to play a game, let it be known in the title, eg 'Gold Minecraft Server'. But if there's an already existing discussion thread for the game, post it in there. If a discussion thread gets a server, + Server can be added to the title, eg Minecraft Discussion + Gold Server.

Source Film Maker (Gabe's Mod)

  • All normal Facepunch rules apply. Read them if you have not done so.
  • This is a subforum centered around Source Filmmaker content. The general videos subforum is over here.
  • Make threads for your own content (videos/posters). Please avoid, however, making a thread for WIP / unfinished videos or pictures; you can post these instead in their respective megathreads or the "concepts and storyboards" thread instead.
  • Do not add tags e.g. [TUTORIAL] [VIDEO] etc. in front of your thread titles. It looks messy and that's what thread icons are for!
  • You can freely post content in the main videos or posters megathreads if you wish not to make a thread for it.
  • IF YOU NEED HELP: Search before posting, or pop a question in the general help threads (e.g. "SFM FAQ & tech support")
  • If you choose to make a help thread: watch tutorials, read FAQs, etc. before posting a question. Threads that show that you did not even bother reading the Valve Developer Community's SFM FAQ and/or Valve's SFM tutorials will get your thread closed. Links to these are below.
  • Help threads need to be more than a few lines, describe your problem in detail!
  • For those replying to help threads: be helpful or don't post.