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The group's logo.
The Facepunch RP Group is a group of users that regularly create and participate in roleplaying games, particularly those based on playing countries (nation-based) or a character (character-based) in a given scenario, part of the wider forum roleplaying community. Effectively established in Late 2011, with the creation of what is recognized as the first RP by the group, Sobotnik's "Empires and Revolutions V1",[1] the group continues to "thrive," even following their migration from their original home, Fast Threads (after posts there stopped counting in users' post counts), to Games in Progress,[2][3] where they began squatting, technically complying with the section's rules.

A general format for the most common styles of RPs is that the GM (the person running the game) creates the game and invites other users from the RP group to join, though outsiders can join and subsequently join the community. For the nation-based RPs, the users then send in their turns, and the GM after a period of time makes a new post detailing the events of that turn, while for the character-based RPs, things operate on a traditional play-by-post basis, with the GM's posts generally being those that progress the main story.

From the group's effective establishment, its games were mainly those of the nation-based nature, but character-based games started growing in popularity following Chernobyl426's "Murder at Midnight" series in 2014, culminating in the character-driven "Starpath" series in 2015, started by Doomevil. As a result, a sub-community of character players sprouted up, officially referred to as the Facepunch Character RP Group, though only one or two people actually refer to them that way.

Within the group, there are frequent periods of game droughts, caused by a variety of factors, such as the inactivity of a RP's GM, lack of activity from their players, the increasing complexity of schedules for all involved, etc; and as a result, many RPs never get to reach the fabled 5 Turn barrier, which nearly 3/4th of all the games played haven't reached.

The group originally communicated mainly through Steam Chat, though for those whose Steam was unknown or those that lacked it altogether, Facepunch's Private Message system always served as a backup. While Steam and Private Messages still serve a communicative role between group members, they mainly communicate over Discord through their own server. The group runs a General Chat[4] thread for the wider roleplaying community in their former forum section of FT, and has several Wikia sites, accessible through the Facepunch RP Wiki.[5]

As a result of the developments relating to the move to the New Sites Forum, the difficulties which arose from it, and the 2018 Shutdown Crisis, paired with the permabanning of some of the group's members, the Facepunch RP Group moved away from Facepunch to a new website.


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