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The event log.

The event log is a live list of recent Facepunch activity including new users, bans, thread closures, moves, DDTs, Boostar upgrades and more. In addition, each user has a personal event log accessible at the bottom-left of each of their posts showing their account history, as well as the history of threads they have made. The personal event log does not work on older threads however, as the resultant window will return a blank, even on users who are permanently banned.

When a ban is hidden from the event log, it is known as a silent ban.


The ban list in 2007.

The precursor to the event log was the ban list, which was added to Facepunch in 2005. This list not only showed all recent bans, but the number of currently banned users, the "most banned" users on the forum, and mods who were "top banners."

Types of events

The event log has a total of 16 event types, some of which are used more than others, but some see a long time without being used or are completely defunct in their usage.

  • closed.png Closed is the typical scenario in which a thread is closed and only moderators can post in it. More often than not this is followed by being thrown into the Drop Dead Thread before being deleted outright.
  • opened.png Opened is when a moderator re-opens a thread, and is most often done in Developer Discussion as users can lock their own threads.
  • ban.png Ban is the most frequent event, at least happening once a day or in bulk.
  • unban.png Unban is when a moderator unbans a person if they were wrongly banned, or if they use the Refugee Camp correctly. This is only used if a ban is 1 day or less.
  • ddt.png DDT is when a thread is moved to the Drop Dead Thread. This is the fate of most spam threads before outright being deleted.
  • rename.png Rename is self-explanatory and only used in the case where a thread title is misleading or written poorly.
  • delsoft.png Delsoft is when a thread is simply deleted. It is not removed from the database however, and it isn't known whether a thread can be revived or not.
  • delhard.png Delhard is a rarely-used version of delsoft that completely wipes a thread and all its content from the Facepunch database. This has only been used in cases where illegal content such as child pornography has been posted.
  • join.png Join logs which users have joined within a 7-day period.
  • pban.png Permaban is the harshest ban that can be given, having no unban date by default (with the exception of Garry's birthday).
  • capsfix.png Capsfix is a now-defunct event that auto-fixed the capitalization of thread titles on a single click. It has not seen use since early 2011.
  • mov.png Move is simply moving a thread to another section of the forum. Only used if a thread is not bad enough to warrant a ban but is still in the wrong section.
  • toobig.png Toobig is an automated event that closes threads with 5000 posts for size purposes.
  • title.png Title is an event that would register when a user changed their title through the old upgrade system. With the removal of said system, it ceased to function.
  • regi.png Regi was an automated event that would autoban any alts associated with a specific IP. This ceased to function in early 2013.
  • spmb.png Spambot is the event that would register when the Autoban system banned spambots. No longer functioning since 2013.
  • boostar.png Boostard is an event that is not in the event log but rather in a single user's event log. It defines when they bought Gold Member via the old upgrade system.