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Joined August 2011

EddieLTU is a gold member on Facepunch. He is an active mapper and a such posts regularly in the Mapping subforum. He is notable among Grand Theft Auto community outside Facepunch.

Notable And Released Work


the map was made following the events of postal and the rust forum The map "has bunch tags that were random, unfunny jokes and some funny quotes. And the main mission was for terrorists to blow up the "retarded" rust community servers and a large trolling basement (the scene was built in a abandoned rocket launch fort at the coast)"


following the events of the Dashcon scam, EddieLTU made a map inspired of the convention, which even included the ballpit. On June 3rd 2016. ICTON posted a video VAPECON 2016, which featured this map.

Early Work that was posted on Facepunch