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Durgs Discussion (commonly referred to as DD) was a Facepunch forum section for discussing drug use.

It was initially known as Drug Discussion when it was a sub-forum of the ill-fated Lifestyles and Hobbies forum section. After the 2011 forum section reshuffle, it became its own forum section, albeit permanently hidden from guests. It included the unique Smarked post rating.

The subforum contained informational threads and links to resources which covered topics such as safe drug use, experience reports and reviews. The Addicts' Lounge was the most populated thread in the section, whose every iteration was locked by moderators just before page 420. Durgs Discussion maintained such a friendly attitude toward everyone that even non-drug users had become regulars in the section.

As a result of the 2015 forum section reshuffle, the section was deleted and its threads were moved to General Discussion, now finally visible to guests. The Addicts' Lounge continues on to this day, while the Smarked rating can now only be used by mods, as they can temporarily move threads to the now-gone section and back to gain access to the rating.