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Joined February 2012

doomeddec is a Blue Member of the Facepunch Studios forums, notorious for posting crap threads such as Gmod Jokes! and The time you go "AWWWW", as well as absolutely befuddling Garry Newman. He was permabanned on the 9th of June, 2012.


Rise to Notoriety

doomeddec had posted many crap threads in the Mapping section before,[1] but he rose to notoriety after posting a thread titled The time you go "AWWWW" on the 20th of May, 2012.[2]

In this thread, he exclaimed that the "CP are cute" (referring to Civil Protection from Half-Life 2, probably not noticing that CP also meant "Child Porn"). The thread wasn't very popular and it died pretty quickly, but by this point he had risen to notoriety and people from all over Facepunch were making fun of how stupid he was.

But it didn't end there, the stupidity continued...

The Gmod Jokes Incident

On the 22nd of May, 2012, a day after his original CP thread, he posted another thread to the Garry's Mod General Discussion, titled Gmod Jokes!, but this time, it was much worse.[3]

The thread was meant for posting Garry's Mod jokes, but it was derailed immediately after people realized how bad the jokes in his OP were.

Why does the mayor have an office!? Because of the chickens and the eggs!

Why does the physgun look at people!? Because all it wants is to move with them (dance)!


The thread quickly amassed 180 dumbs, and the first post was of user Jocke committing suicide.[4]

User MOOcow102 then changed doomeddec's title to "I AM THE FUCKING FUNNIEST PERSON ALIVE"

The rest of the thread consisted of people talking about how dumb doomeddec was, and making bad jokes to make fun of him, until Garry Newman himself tweeted about the thread.

I don't get these GMod Jokes

doomeddec continued to make dumb posts, such as "Who is this OP, why is he so famous?",[6] until he realized that Garry had tweeted his thread.

The Message to Garry

Around a week after Garry tweeted about his thread, he made a new thread called Garry, this is for you containing a message to Garry.[7]

The message contained creepy love poems and LUA messages, asking to celebrate Garry's birthday with him through a game of Garry's Mod, and the thread was immediately derailed by people mentioning how creepy/stupid doomeddec is.

Shortly after, user Remscar changed doomeddec's title to "Garry's Butt Buddy"[8]

Facepunch Suicide

On the 9th of June, 2012, doomeddec posted on his "Gmod Jokes!" thread, asking for the thread to be closed, with a link to That Cat[9]

Gran PC then notified him that he had to IMG tag That Cat to get banned, and doomeddec corrected his mistake, immediately getting banned by Gran PC.[10]

Most people were happy that he was gone, but some were sad, as they thought his stupidity was genuinely funny.[11][12][13][14]

User CrispexOps then changed his title to "I like to ass rape little boys. I send the videos to my mother.", and it has stayed that way ever since.


doomeddec arose from his grave in 2013 during Garry's Birthday to shitpost once again.

His thread, "Gmod Jokes! came second in the Thread of the Year competition for 2012.


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