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deviantArt Appreciation Station is a long running thread series currently located in General Discussion. The thread is used to mock artwork made by deviantArt users, and bad art in general. The thread is usually not safe for work (NSFW) due to the amount of nudity and shock imagery present in content.


Typical content posted in the thread

The thread contains absurd, wacky, or generally bad artwork where a majority of the artwork posted contains Furry, My Little Pony, or Sonic related content. Posting pornographic artwork of extreme fetishes such as diapers, scat, watersports, gore, and zoophilia is usually shunned and avoided.


The first deviantArt Appreciation Station thread was created on the 18th of March, 2011, by Facepunch user and artist Ehanced_AI for the purpose of posting bad art found on deviantArt.[1] The thread series acted as Creationism Corner's most popular active thread due to the fact that it's one of the only few Fast Thread like threads in that section.

The deviantArt Appreciation Station has been raided and/or criticized by few angry few deviants.[2] The thread has a penchant of attracting featured artists to the forum, usually resulting in the arrivals being banned when they break the rules while defending their artwork.

Following the deletion of Creationism Corner in 2015, all of the threads of this series were moved to General Discussion, where they can still be found today. Some threads were created as inversions of this series, depicting actual good artists from the site.[3][4]



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