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This article is about the forum category. For the forum category, see Developers.
Former forum sections

Developers was a Facepunch forum category. It was created following the 2014 forum section reshuffle, forming from the Mapping, Modelling, Programming and Web Development forum sections (the former two from the defunct Valve Games and Mods forum category and the latter two from the defunct Hardware and Software forum category). Web Development was later removed entirely following the 2015 forum section reshuffle.

Sometime around the 5th of January, 2018,[1] the forum category was moved over to the New Sites Forum, the fifth following the moving of the Source Filmmaker forum section and the former Glod Menbers forum category. While Programming and Modelling have kept their names, Mapping became Level Design, Web Development returned as Webdev, and two new forum sections in the form of Unity3D and Unreal Engine were introduced.


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