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This article is about the demographic features of Facepunch's user base, including political views, religion, gender, age, sexuality and home country.


Census threads in General Discussion, in which a number of questions are asked of users, have been a yearly occurrence since at least 2010. The first notable census was made in Spring of 2010 by user ASmellyOgre,[1] where questions were asked through separate polling threads made in Fast Threads, pertaining to specific demographics, such as gender or sexuality. User koeniginator's census in the following Spring of 2011 opted instead to use Google Forms for questions rather than FT.[2]

While there seemed to have not been a census in 2012, in 2013 two were held - one by user Zillamaster55 in late January,[3] which seemed to be unsuccessful, and one by user cueballv2themax later in May.[4] User LordCrypto would organize the 2014 census in early January,[5] beginning the tradition of holding the census in the first quarter of the year.

The census was subsequently held once more in February of 2015 by user smurfy,[6][7][8] followed by Zilla once more in January of 2016.[9] The next major census was held in January of 2017, organized by user Zukriuchen.[10][11] The 2018 census would not be held in the first quarter of the year as per usual,[12] but it would rather be held following the Great Facepunch Migration of 2018, organized by user Liem, though some questioned about its quality.[13] Nevertheless, after some delay, the results were posted.[14] The 2019 Census will not be counted into the statistics of this page, as it is less centered about user demographics and more about forum feedback.[15]

For the time being, this article will present a combination of the results of the last two major census, being 2017 and 2018, which had 684 responses and 485 responses respectively. Hopefully, in the future, the results will be presented in a major linear fashion.


Facepunch has an overwhelming male majority at just over 89%, with trans females at just over 6%, females at slightly more than 1% and trans men at below 1%, with some choosing to identify as Other at nearly 3%.

Home country

North America and Europe are by far the two largest home continents for Facepunch users, with Australia also providing a modest number of users. According to the most recent census, around 50% of users live in the United States and Canada, with the British Isles at above 15% and the rest of Europe at just around 23%.

Political views

A plurality of Facepunch users are on the left of the political spectrum, with general support for the United States Democratic Party, though wishing for a more progressive approach from said party. Around 16% of users are apathetic to politics, nearly 7% identify as centrist, while the rest are on the right of the spectrum.

Outside of the political spectrum, views can be more fragmented, even if they still generally lean towards the left-wing. While they is strong support among Facepunchers for drug legalization, gay marriage and the scientific opinion on climate change, on matters such as gun control and interventionism, discourse becomes more divisive, especially depending on the time of day.


At least half of Facepunch's users are atheists, with the most recent census at about 50%. About 31% of users identified as Agnostic. Christianity is by far the most popular religion at about 11%, with other religions being much rarer and making up the remaining users.


Around 66% of Facepunch users are straight, and nearly 22% identify as bisexual. Around 6% of users identify themselves as homosexuals, and the remaining users fall under other.


Most Facepunch users are between the ages of 18 and 30, with the most common age being in the early 20s.


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