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Dead Users is a thread that was primarily used to discuss the personal connection and passing of users that the posters of Facepunch have encountered throughout the years.[1] It was created by user Mr_Awesome. The thread soon descended into chaos as Craptasket began to post.


When the Dead Users thread was posted in Fast Threads, DireAvenger's profile was posted, explaining that he committed suicide. After DireAvenger's profile was posted, Craptasket was seen to be posting things on his profile such as "OWNED", and "Hows it hanging? Heh." When this was pointed out in the thread, Craptasket banned the members pointing it out citing it as "off topic".[2][3][4]

As the controversy became more and more heated, Craptasket began to permaban deceased users, including DireAvenger for questionable reasons. Craptasket then began to go back and forth with the users he banned in the Refugee Camp. Many users called for the "impeachment of Craptasket," but to this day, nothing has come of the incident other than a loathing of Craptasket from a few members of the Facepunch community.


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