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Custom forums in 2008.

Custom forums were a feature on Facepunch from 2006 to 2009. Established users were able to create their own forum sections, listed on a special custom forums page. Most custom forums had only a few posts and quickly died out, but some were more popular, and some, such as Video Games (which later became General Games Discussion) were listed on the main forum index.

garry removed custom forums in Facepunch 2009 as most of them were dead. Some of the most popular custom forums were revived as official forum sections, and the Hobbies forum category is a descendant of custom forums. However, after the removal of General Disruption, Starpluck hinted that they would return.[1]

They were later reintroduced during the creation of Labpunch, where they retained many of the issues which the original custom forums had, especially inactivity. With Labpunch's scrapping, and the introduction of the New Sites Forum, custom forums were once more put on the back burner. However, garry has stated that he wasn't against the idea of them, but that that was something they would "need to move into incrementally."[2][3]


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