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Joined August 2008

CubeManv2 is a Gold Member notable for being a political candidate to Yonkers, NY government. His campaign failed. Having received only a handful of votes, he came last in the election day. After this, he posted almost exclusively in Automotive Addicts Lounge about his Dodge Challenger (which has "V8MURICA" vanity plates). The maintenance problems have prompted other users to joke that it was cursed. He was permabanned for being rude, but later unbanned on 20 May 2015 for Garry's Birthday.

He sometimes liked to complain and/or brag about him appearing or being mentioned on television. He also frequently mentioned the fact that he owned a pair of Google Glass. Despite the aforementioned maintenance problems, his Challenger was the one used in Regular Car Reviews' video on the Challenger SRT-8.[1]

The Yonkers City Council Campaign Trail

In early 2013, CubeMan revealed that he had entered the campaign trail for the 4th District Office of Yonkers City Council.[2] He would make threads mentioning his progress on the forum following the beginning of the campaign,[3] including an objection to his petition to ballot,[4] his securing the ballot line,[5] calling out his opponents and US politicians in general,[6] and News 12's refusal to allow him on the TV Debate,[7].

Unfortunately for CubeMan, despite his best efforts, as he livestreamed News 12 to show the results,[8] he only managed to grab 31 votes, 1% of the total.[9] Despite his loss, he remained chipper. He was only 19 when he tried to get elected.

The Drag Racing Incident

On the 30th of July, 2014, CubeMan posted the thread "Man dies driving off a bridge in hot pursuit; Cubeman detained as suspect"[10] in the Sensationalist Headlines section. In the referenced article, police detained CubeMan for questioning about an accident with a fatality during an illegal drag race in which CubeMan was a suspected racer or facilitator. In the thread, CubeMan talked about how the police seized his Google Glass[11] and a conspiracy about how he was scared the cops were the ones to push the victim off of the bridge.[12] He was eventually cleared of wrongdoing.


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