Cuba to generate electricity from weed

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Two examples of the jokes made within the thread.

Cuba to generate electricity from weed was a Sensationalist Headlines thread created by smurfy in December of 2012.[1] Many users entered the thread to make puns on the phrase "420 blaze it faggot." Every user that made a pun was then banned. The thread is notable not only for the long string of jokes, but also for the sheer number of bans seen on each page.


In typical smurfy fashion, the title of the thread was misleading (although in this case, the BBC actually came up with the initial headline instead of smurfy). Cuba did not actually plan to generate electricity from marijuana, but rather Dichrostachys cinera, named in the article as the "marabu weed." It is an invasive plant species that brought serious harm to Cuba's farmland. The plan was to use the weed as fuel for a power plant, which would help clean up the farmland as well as produce somewhat cleaner energy.[2]

Discussion of Cuba's plan only lasted until post #7, at which time user ZombieDawgs posted "420 raze it faggot," a play on the marijuana-centered phrase "420 blaze it faggot."[3] Other users quickly hopped on the bandwagon and made their own puns. At first, this was done by simply replacing "blaze" with a rhyming word, but as the thread went on, the puns became more diverse.


The jokes went on for some time before the mods reacted. MaxOfS2D then entered the thread and proceeded to "kill the fun yet again," as stated by user ZapDing. Nearly every user that made a pun was banned for 12 hours, either for "Meme Reply" by Max or "Bandwagon Spam" by postal. 20 ban messages can be seen on the first page alone.

Retirement and Legacy

A gimmick account called praise420 bumped the thread in the summer of 2014.[4] The account was promptly permabanned, and the thread was locked to prevent further replies.

The thread is fondly remembered for the various creative puns brought about by ZombieDawgs' joke as well as the ensuing ban spree. A few of the images posted to accompany the puns have, regrettably, vanished.


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