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Former forum sections
Creationism Corner
Creationism Corner
MS Paint
Musician's Gig Room
Photoshop Contests

Creationism Corner is a former Facepunch forum category, promoted from a forum section following the 2011 forum section reshuffle.

While a precursor to this category existed in the form of Art & Shit Like That, which existed from September of 2009 to February/March of 2011 (containing Creationism Corner, Photoshop Contests, MS Paint (with its own Pixel Wars subforum) and Music), the Creationism Corner category was made in July of 2011, with all of its sub-forums at the time being promoted sections, those being Photoshop Contests, MS Paint, Musician's Gig Room and Photography, with the original section remaining as a hub for general discussion (without a subtitle however, unlike Hardware and Software).

Over time, while some sections retained plenty of activity, others were practically ghost towns from an outsider's perspective. This would prompt the entire category's deletion by way of the 2015 forum section reshuffle, with the threads of all the sections dumped into General Discussion or Fast Threads.