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The Facepunch Community Fund was a fund set up by Hezzy on the 30th of September, 2017, for members of the forums to donate money for any cause, such as changing a title or purchasing Gold Membership.[1]

The fund launched with a dedicated forum section in its name,[2] where the donation thread is located[3] and where monthly updates are posted in order to keep the operations transparent (though unfortunately this section hadn't been archived in any fashion). The forum section also has its own sub-forum, named "Community Fund Discussion",[4][5] where any member can post a funding application, as to receive funds to run game servers, raffles, and more with moderator approval. Among the things which received funding were Operation: Punchmas, the Facepunch Link Shortener and, indirectly, 3 dedicated TF2 servers for NA, AU and EU.

On the 13th of March, 2018, with the decline in funding applications and the move to the New Sites Forum rapidly approaching, Hezzy made the decision to close the fund.[6] As money still remained the fund proper, a new thread was opened on Newpunch to discuss what to do with it.[7]

After the move to the New Sites Forum had largely finished and the original vB4 forum was reopened for PM retrieval, it was discovered that the Community Fund Discussion sub-forum was the last publicly available postable forum. Among the few threads made, one stood out - Goodbye, Oldpunch. After a couple days, the sub-forum was finally locked.[8]


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